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The Science of Wholeness: Part One


Before reading about my favorite form of breathing technique, I would like you to first take a look at this web page on pranayama, Pranayama, Right or Wrong? It specifies some important points (such as the importance of living moral standards and keeping the mind focused while doing any sort of breathing exercise) and gives one a better perspective on the subject of pranyama. Pranayams magnify whatever is happening in the area of kundalini phenomenon.

Pranayams magnify whatever thoughts you have while increasing the flow of energy in whatever direction one's energy might presently be flowing. It is therefore all the more important that one should follow a strict lifestyle of perfect diet, sensual self-control and discipline otherwise one will gain no lasting benefits and basically get nowhere or even worse: amplify imbalances in one's emotional state. Excellent nutritional support (especially for nerves) and sound mental and physical health is essential for safe results. And while doing any form of breathing exercise, it is best to concentrate on the inner sounds and inner light of God at the third eye center of awareness. At other times, direct all energy upward toward the crown chakra. Avoid doing this practice if you are prone to anxiety and/or panic attacks.

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5.1: HOW TO REDIRECT THE FLOW OF SEXUAL ENERGY: Once the machine(s) are set up and functioning safely, efficiently and quietly, you can now meditate on this mattress using a standard meditation practice. It may raise the Kundalini without any effort. Hopefully, you have also had several large glasses of pure drinking water (up to a half gallon), it is sometime before breakfast, and you are surrounded by plenty of fresh, clean, circulating air directly from outside.

After meditating and concentrating deeply in the third eye while avoiding all other thoughts, distractions, and carefully dissolving all body tensions into the vibration, lie back comfortably with whole body stretched out and with vibrator(s) still on, relax consciously every muscle in the body while still meditating. Let your breath expel out and relax your lungs entirely until you must start breathing again. As if you had just surfaced from a great, long, dive for pearls breathe in and out deeply from below your navel and into the base of your spine for 12 to 30 breaths (depending on what is comfortable) then hold last breath (at full inhalation and pushing fully and firmly deep into the area between the navel and base of spine) very gently for somewhere between 3 and 30 seconds (depending on what works best) and then blow all the air out quickly and fully. If you feel as if you are dissolving into "thin air" and bliss moves up your spine, relax and enjoy the profound peace it brings. You should feel utterly relaxed and breathless with awe, wonder and renewed vitality. Remain breathless as long as is comfortable, as if you had gone for another great dive for pearls.

When you feel you must "come up for air again" breathe another 12 to 20 breaths this time or 20 to 30 if no noticable effects took place. The greater the number of DEEP breaths taken, the deeper the effect they are likely to have. However, if you get symptoms of hyperventilation such as tingling and dizziness you have gone too far. The LYs are NOT a method of hyperventilation and in no way are they to be confused with hyperventilation. When you start to feel you've gone too far, gradually let go of the breath and slowly, very slowIy let it out into a state of surrender to the bliss and vibration. Don't breathe again until it is necessary, then repeat the process, but this time, with 10 to 15 breaths depending on how much it takes to achieve the desired amount of bliss and joy. Generally, fewer breaths are needed each time, until all it takes is about 5 to 15 breaths. If you lose the bliss, stillness, and concentration, try starting again at 20 to 30 breaths. Breathing into the navel, sexual organs and base of spine is a very important. Make sure each breath goes as deep down as possible, especially at the last breath which you hold from 3 to 30 seconds (depending how fast your kundalini comes up!)

Never strain nor cause discomfort, haste makes waste so avoid going too fast too soon, and be careful, especially when you first start out. Practice a little everyday, rather than a lot all at once! Never skip a day. Like any exercise or training for a sport, you must start out light and gradually work up to heavier and heavier breaths, longer sessions, longer periods of breathlessness, and deeper, more increased and involved kundalini activity. It is very personal skill or art that you can develop through regular practice in order to get the most fulfillment possible from it.

By deeply relaxing every muscle in the body (not ever moving at all) and keeping lungs expelled, fully relaxed and motionless for as long as is enjoyable, the next set of breathing exercises should become even more intensely pleasureful and deeply satisfying to every pleasure nerve in the body. Remember always to keep mind focused on third eye, and fully concentrated on a positive, pleasant idea, symbol, or mantram without other thoughts interfering. When breathing exercises are done right, it becomes very natural for mind to become clearly focused with no thoughts interfering; and for the body to feel utterly relaxed and motionless--even to the point of no longer being aware of the body.

I must emphasize the importance of not straining the lungs in any way. There is no point to straining and if you are not experiencing deep bliss and total COMFORT, then vary the breathing technique until you do. Practice makes perfect. Many factors (such as diet) may need fine-tuning before the most satisfying results can be reached.

CAUTION: If the final breath is held too long and/or too hard then too much of a rush can follow, causing various uncomfortable symptoms: such as an overwhelming rush of energy (with a strange buzzing sound) followed by a powerful oscillation of the astral (energy) body which feels a bit like an epileptic seizure if such a thing could be felt; hence, common reasonable precautions must always be followed! Never deliberately send more energy through your body's "electrical circuits" than they can handle! Strange symptoms often mean the LYs are being done incorrectly and/or that the nerves are not receiving enough nutritional support. Variations and adjustments may be necessary to provide for individual strengths and weaknesses and states of health.

Keep in mind that these breaths work best before eating and after drinking something like a half-gallon of pure water, after yoga postures and after a good meditation.

5.2: HOW IT WORKS: The extra amount of air pressure in the lungs forces highly oxygenated blood deep into the central nervous system and glands, causing a balance of the Ida and Pingala (yoga terms) resulting in a very pleasant feeling of energy rushing up the spine (sushumna) greatly increasing the intensity and joy of transmutation. Under the ideal conditions discussed in great detail throughout this entire manual, the breathing exercises can lead to very beautiful ecstasies.

5.3: CAUTION: BE CAREFUL WITH THIS PRACTICE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A HEART CONDITION AND/OR HYPERTENSION: I should emphasize caution with this entire process, especially those who are susceptible to heart conditions and/or high blood pressure. It is best to be athletic, exercise regularly, and be in excellent health, otherwise check with your physician and proceed with delicate care. The lungs consist of delicate tissues. Some damage to lungs can occure if too much pressure is applied to them. Being youg, healthy, athletic, having excellent circulation, and eating a high antioxidant diet are all very good factors for safe, successful, deep breathing.

The breathing exercises, under certain conditions, can remove one entirely from physical into higher consciousness, so NEVER, NEVER do LY breaths before and/or during any hazardous operation such as driving a car, climbing a ladder or crossing a street or in public view.

When first starting out, and especially if not yet following all the requirements, the breathing exercises can be unpredictable. Sometimes they can create an intense rush, and at other times, nothing. If you do not take care of your nerves, lose too much of your sexual fluids, and/or combine this breathing practice with drug abuse or some other unheathy habit or negative emotion such as anger or hate, you are asking for trouble in the form of nerve damage and/or emotional suffering. On the other hand, with complete nutritional support and sexual consevation for transmutation, this program can be a vastly superior alternative to drugs!

5.4: UNIFICATION OF DIVINE LOVE AND ROMANTIC LOVE IS REACHED THROUGH CONSERVATION AND BREATHING EXERCISES: If you have not conserved enough sexual energy and fluids to start with, this process may seem mechanical and not create much interest or enthusiasm and will want to give up. But after a long time of sexual self-control, this process can be very beneficial and truly vitalizing. The desire for conventional sex fades out. One reason, is that the joy seems to go on and on without end. You can build up to a perpetual ecstasy transcending into light, energy, and intense love as this shakti (life force energy) fills the higher chakras. When your vital energy floods the heart center, you can sense God's love with such force that you begin to feel tears welling in your eyes.

By all means, yes, this process is to be shared with your partner! Sexual energy is to be conserved and transformed into deep love and affection, not denied. With all the dynamic means of purification, energization, and meditation mentioned throughout this manual and while using the "hold-back" methods that will be covered in Lesson 6, it becomes easier to sublimate your sexual desires into vitality. Loss of sexual fluids occurs less and less often while desires for physical sensations is replaced by the excitement of love. Expanding sexual energy into ecstasy can start to create spontaneous out-bursts of joy and love from the heart. Now spiritual love and romantic love can work together to produce a fusion of two souls into oneness! With self-control, practice, and experience, (this is a delicate process) it becomes possible to enjoy a sense of infinite sexual capacity and capability as well as endless enjoyment of sex transmuted into an expression of deep romantic love and affection which becomes more spiritual, less physical, and much more fulfilling. With the liberating knowledge contained in these lessons, there will always be higher, ever-changing, more wonderful, life-transforming, more inward soul satisfactions to enjoy and explore. We go far beyond the limitations of the physical and into the unlimited possibilities of superior soul-fulfillment.

The Hidden Treasures Are Within

This book is a compilation of fifteen inspirational articles regarding wholeness, meditating, how to choose your spiritual path, and how vital the hidden treasures of wholeness are for living a more full and complete life. Although this book includes some passages from the Bible and meditation-oriented information from the "Path of Sant Mat," this book is purely a spiritual text not meant to promote any religion. Most of this book will be about why wholeness is so essential and how to achieve it. I believe it is of utmost importance to make one's search for wholeness one's highest priority in what would otherwise be a temporary and fickle existence. To realize Spirit in one's life is vital for adding meaning to what would otherwise be a meaningless and materialistic existence.

5.5: IT MAY BE IMPORTANT ALSO TO SIT UP AND MEDITATE WHILE PRACTICING THE LAMA YOGA "...ART OF BREATH." So far we have discussed enjoying the LYs while lying down in deep relaxation. Different effects can be achieved sitting up straight in a standard meditation posture especially if the vibration system I described in Lesson 4 is in motion and other factors are present such as negative ions. If you can sit COMFORTABLY in the advanced lotus pose then that's great! But there are some who have to sit cross-legged, and some even can't do that.

As long as the seating position is comfortable and with spine straight and hands and arms fully rested, relaxed and in a comfortable position then you're ready to concentrate in your third eye, on the inner sounds, your ideal, symbol of wholeness, mantram, or highest aspiration. For a few minutes let no other thoughts intrude except this one positive idea you have chosen. Start practicing the LYs with gentle care. You may have deeper experiences sitting up straight or lying down. Whether one is lying down or sitting up is an important difference. You must decide which works best for you. The spinal energies tend to be more grounded and relaxing while lying down. While sitting up, they tend to be more expansive in the higher chakras, but there are always exceptions.

It was only by experimentation and research that I got to where I am now. Don't just blindly follow my suggestions, find out for yourself what works best for you; be a scientist: do your own experiments.

5.6: THE SPINE MUST BE FLEXIBLE: TRY YOGA POSTURES BEFORE PRACTICING THE LAMA YOGA BREATHING EXERCISES. If you are not familiar with hatha-yoga, you can go to any library and find many books on yoga and some with illustrations of hatha-yoga postures. It is now so popular, it would be redundant to show them all here.

This manual is about a new way of practicing yoga while hoping the reader is not too unfamiliar with the standard yoga practices. Just about every community college has yoga classes available.

Whether or not you are into yoga postures, and especially if you are not, it would be most helpful before one starts the meditation and deep breathing exercises to slowly stretch spine and then bend it in all directions while standing and then, while sitting to slowly roll head around several times in both directions. Of course, if you have injuries in the neck then you must use common sense just how much you would bend your neck before breaking it! Some of the poses I found most useful are the Half-Spinal Twist, Shoulderstand, Plough, Head-to-the-Knee, Circle, and Cobra Pose. Of course, don't ever strain or force your body into something it's not used too. There is no point in that, we are only trying to keep the spine flexible and body free of tension in ways hatha-yoga can do.

I once thought that vibration and exercise were enough to fully remove tension and stiffness from the body and spine for maximum benefit, however, after much experimentation, I realized I am definitely missing something if I skip some form of stretching or yoga postures. To do some Hatha Yoga postures right after and even during some deep breathing exercises results in some really thrilling transmutations of sexual energy tension in every cell of the body.

5.7: DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR: After getting into some high states of bliss and inner joy, especially if you are just beginning, it is quite common to become a victm of delusions that you were in a past life a great guru and that you came back to Earth to fulfill an important mission. Or maybe you had a vision of masses of peole bowing down to you and offering you flowers. Or you hear a voice telling you that you are the avatar of the age or that your child will be the avatar of the age or you get strong feelings this will be the case. Life is tough, so we all want to feel we have some important role in the scheme of things so that we can feel more important and therefore more entitled to the good things in life! However, even this is a false notion; the greatest saints who ever lived still had to do the most menial of tasks and struggle, if not like the rest of us, EVEN HARDER. Even if you actually were one of the disiples of Christ or St. Francis, etc., it's not going to change your present situation one iota.

The sense of happiness and inner peace one can have from doing the Lama Yoga breathing exercises can give one's ego such a boost that one starts to feel invincible, and that amazing miracles are going to happen such as winning the lottery so that you can complete God's mission in your life while having exciting relationships with sensuous women on some pacific island. These thoughts may sound far-fetched while you are in normal states, but when under the influence of bliss, they actually start to seem real. However, instead of being lead astray by these potentially dangerous delusions, just laugh them off and realize they are just a stage one has to go through (not everyone) before the mind and emotions are more fully purified.

When one has real bliss, and really truly high samadhis, no false ideas of any sort, and especially of the kind just mentioned, ever plagues the mind. Instead there is a sense of utter humility before God, of being like a young child newly awakened or reborn into a universe of love and joy.


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Enjoy this Free Online eBook: The Science of Wholeness - Part One

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