Heal Your Emotions: The Anti-Anxiety Diet, Herbs, and Food Supplements for Wholeness

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Anxiety - Natural Remedies for Stress, Depression, Anxiety and Agoraphobia

Welcome to my anti-anxiety remedy page where tons of free unique healing information can be found! You are not alone! Free help is available on this page from a life-time of dire first-hand experience with utterly horrible and devastating panic attacks, severe depression, fatigue, social phobia, anxiety disorder and agoraphobia. I had to bear up to some of the worst panic disorder and depression ever. It was truly horrific, the symptoms were dreadful. I would suffer heart palpitations, insomnia, nausea instead of healthy appetite, mental disturbances, confusion, horrible thoughts, vertigo, constant fatigue, and terrible panic would keep me up all night until the early morning hours.

Seven Steps to Wholeness

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Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Fatigue and Depression
How I Remedied It Without Drugs

WARNING: As with any website that advocates personal changes to one's diet, alternative ways of thinking, and alternative therapies not approved by the FDA; and even though I do all I can to safeguard the reader from anything that could be hazardous or dangerous, I cannot be responsible for any loss or damages resulting from following this material. By accessing this website, you agree to use this information responsibly and at your own discretion. Please consult with your physician before trying any health product or making changes to your lifestyle.

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: By accessing this website - You state that you are in a fit and proper condition and will not make any claim against "Science of Wholeness" or the author(s) of this site in regards to any and/or all material presented on this site or an individual's interpretation of them. Even though great benefits can be achieved through the correct following of the principles of wholeness, the author(s) cannot be responsible for any losses or damages as a result of any of the material presented on this site.

Intelligent control of what goes into one's mouth is the single most important key to all mental and physical health! I see people eating and snacking on all manner of biologically useless (if not extremely harmful) junk all the time, and most of this garbage is a multi-nightmare nutritional catastrophe! This fact is what is wrong with society and why civilization always pivots on the brink of financial and moral degradation and breakdown, and why there is so much confusion, negativity and suffering in the physical world; incorrect (insane) eating is the single, greatest and most expensive emotional and physical health disaster of all time!

What one eats and how one eats plays a massive role in mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. One can start to improve dramatically after replacing all junk food, gluten, casein, milk, cheeses, bread, red meat, commercial oils, dried fruit, sugar, candy, dessert food, and all other refined carbohydrate food with whole, natural, organic food such as spirulina, chlorella, moringa, organic vegetable juice with beets and leafy greens, cilantro, high probiotic liquids such as kombucha, ginger, turmeric, ashwagandha, pine bark extract, mangosteen, nettle root, all kinds of other adaptogenic herbs, nervines that boost moods and dreaming, complete liquid full-spectrum vitamin/mineral and/or liquid fulvic acid trace mineral formulas, fresh organic raw eggs, avocado, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, other raw juicy fruit and a wide assortment of raw vegetables mostly blended into a smooth liquid. Only recently I found out that seeds of any kind whatsoever can be a real threat to one's health unless rotated to be consumed only once a week. Lectins from seeds can be a cause of some of the worse health problems humankind has ever faced. Eating only cooked food can also lead to various health complications such as overdrawing on one's natural enzyme reserve, but very few people understand this fact or even want to accept that such a thing as true. I know that many of the foods that need to be cooked such as meat, foul, fish, grains, and legumes, we should NOT be eating in the first place!

Even what most people would consider or imagine to be a "healthy" diet would do little or nothing to relieve most common physical and mental problems, misery and suffering, because most of the foods considered "healthy" are most likely in either one or more of the following four categories of food I no longer consider healthy at all:

1. Most kinds of meat except pasture-raised eggs, salmon and sardines
2. All cheeses and other milk products except occasional grass-fed ghee, kefir, yogurt and K2
3. All cooked, sugared and processed starches such as doughnuts, pastries, bread, pasta, and potatoes
4. Nearly all cooked, processed, sweetened, sugared, chemically treated, and pasteurized food of any kind

The above avoidance list may vary from person to person and if instead rotated on weekly basis, may not need to be avoided at all. Just avoid eating them every day! Such so-called "healthy" diets can still contain "allergic" or inflammatory substances or proteins such as gluten, plant seed lectins, casein and monosodium glutamate.

People's tendencies toward greed, avarice, and lack of compassion, morals and generosity may also be caused by most modern diets because they still lack in the vast variety of adaptogenic herbs, berries, fungi, bark extracts, roots, seeds, pollens, vitamin K2 from grass-fed butter, eggs, natto, etc., they should contain and originally contained many eons ago. In a sense, it is not so much that the people are sick and lacking, it is the fact that most modern diets are sick and lacking.

Basically, one must stop eating most standard American diet (SAD) food including the four categories listed above and start drinking plenty of distilled water between meals, and drink loads of vegetable juices, green algae/grass juices, and a wide variety of herbs, fruits, berries, pollens, bark extracts (such as pygeum), grass-fed butter, pasture-raised eggs, fermented pasture-raised, grass-fed goat milk, shilajit, and fungi from nature, while consuming herbal, mineral and vitamin formulas, liquid and powdered super food formulas, and whole, raw organic food instead.

This type of food is what our ancestors ate for hundreds of thousands of years long before the age of agriculture, and these super foods "hunted and gathered" directly from nature are what kept them healthy, free of all diseases and especially mental health problems. Not only that, this natural diet enabled them to enjoy wonderful libido at all ages along with a profound spiritual connection. Adding a few herbs in capsules will hardly be effective enough; up to a quarter of the diet should consist of many adaptogenic roots, stems and leaves. The other three-quarters should consist of vegetable juices, fruits, berries, and all the other natural super foods listed above.

I am absolutely certain of the immense effectiveness of adaptogenic herbs and nervines in regards to the healing of depression, fatigue, confusion, and anxiety. But a considerable variety of herbs need to be taken in large quantities. Various methods and natural remedies are best used in combination such as alkaline mineral water, a full-spectrum colloidal mineral formula, at least 10 times RDA of iodine, 5000 IU Vit. D, 5 mg. K2, B-complex, melatonin, adaptogenic herbs such as turmeric, ginger root, ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, epimedium, maca, saw palmetto, pygeum bark extract, nettle root, damiana, sarsaparilla, avena sativa, bacopa, and licorice; nervine herbs, mood and dream enhancing herbs such as St. John's wort, plantain and calea zacatechichi; supplements such as l-theanine, l-tryptophan, 5-HTP, SAM-e; and various cognitive enhancing substances like l-pyroglutamic acid and dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE).

Any of the above supplements or similar natural substances especially if they have tremendous antioxidant power and adaptogen properties could be your most essential hedges against anxiety, depression, frustrating tiredness, and agoraphobia. Health problems such as anxiety, depression, fatigue and agoraphobia can be symptoms resulting from a variety of physical complications, some being quite complex and interwoven with other causes such as casein, lectins and gluten reactions causing inflammation of parts of the brain, poor digestion, diabetes, kidney problems, etc. To start with, be sure to avoid all milk and wheat products. Don't eat out a restaurants, as most seasonings used can contain MSG, which is another major inflammatory agent. One's overall health must be managed correctly by increasing nutritional support while decreasing toxins with a diet high in plenty of fluids such as full-spectrum vegetable juices and alkalized water.

Water fasting for as long as comfortably possible instead of snacking between whole, complete meals is another wonderfully healthy habit one can benefit from. Many difficult and often mysterious and hard-to-treat health problems such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, back pains, muscle problems, and headaches are strongly related to food sensitivities and the corrosive effect too much food eaten too frequently has on the digestive, nervous and metabolic systems.

Try to fast for as long as possible between whole, complete high protein super food meals, rotate all your high protein and seed foods so that a much greater variety of these are consumed but only once a week, and many of one's health problems, including anxiety and depression will eventually go away. Schedule your daily intake to enjoy a completely different nut, seed and/or protein every single day of the week and don't repeat any of them until starting again at the beginning of the next week and so on. This is an extremely healthy way to eat! It will save your immune system from attacking your own organs and therefore prevent all manner of inflammatory illnesses including anxiety attacks!

It may not be a popular idea to frequently fast between every high protein meal, but our ancient ancestors often had to fast or ration their food over long periods of time to the extent that our bodies are ingeniously designed to handle eating less food less often rather than consuming too much food too often as is now the common practice in all of today's (especially affluent) self-stuffing western cultures. But living in dire poverty most of my life has taught me how to subsist on far less food than most people eat.

One of the most difficult facts of health that might be hardest to accept is that nearly every person alive is strongly addicted to food and that one can actually live far healthier and longer lives by avoiding addictive casein found in all milk products, especially cheese, while all gluten from whole grain products, especially wheat. If not already outright allergic to them, one need not avoid them altogether as long as they are ONLY consumed ONCE a week and never more often than that. One needs to eat only complete, whole food, high natural fat and protein, low carbohydrate meals, but far less often, therefore allowing the brain not to be exposed too often to so many digestive and "allergic" reaction or food sensitivity inflammatory problems.

However to fully benefit from this method, the food that is eaten must be of utterly the highest biological value possible, or in other words, food highest in protein and natural, essential fats and cholesterol such as organic, pasture-raised raw eggs, spirulina, and food highest in enzymes and probiotic activity. Full-spectrum mineral and vitamin formulas would be essential too in this regimen, especially if physical and/or mental stress or illness is present.

Even though I feel have found some amazingly effective "cures" of anxiety, fatigue, depression and many other often annoying and mysterious health problems, to be on the safe side, please seek out the guidance of a competent holistic physician and/or naturopathic doctor anyway to rule out as many potentially dangerous physical causes as possible (some which can be quite serious) and find the right substances that actually help rather than go through years and years of painful, disappointing and possibly dangerous trial and error.

However, even though I have now pretty much given the whole outline of the most effective anxiety/depression healing strategies for you, the devil is still lurking in the details, and there are many more things you can do to heal yourself naturally from so many health problems and even help you find a considerable advancement toward well-being and spiritual enlightenment depending on how deeply you feel guided or compelled to go into the information freely offered to you on this website. For a complete and current list of superfoods, supplements, herbs and latest updates on the anxiety/depression healing diet, please go to the following page which is updated much more often than all the other pages on this website: HOLY GRAIL. It is called by that name because it indeed contains quite valuable information!

I am also offering you free personal help (but hopefully for a small donation) support and information derived from a life-time of research and first-hand experience with utterly devastating panic attacks, depression, fatigue, social phobia, anxiety disorder and agoraphobia.

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Visualize Panic Attacks Away Using The Linden Method (This Program Might Be All You Need)
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Definitions, Terms and Phrases Related to Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue and Agoraphobia:

Other names for anxiety include: worry, willies, uneasiness, uncertainty, suspense, shakes, restlessness, panic, nervousness, jitters, fretfulness, foreboding, generalized fear, dread, doubt, distress, disquietude, apprehension, and angst. The kind of anxiety most often requiring professional treatment is the kind of anxiety that interferes with one's normal ability to function in daily life. The same thing is true regarding excessive moods of depression.

Other names for depression include: woefulness, vapors, unhappiness, the blues, sorrow, sadness, qualm, mortification, misery, melancholy, melancholia, lugubriosjity, lowness, hopelessness, heavyheartedness, gloominess, gloom, ennui, dumps, dullness, dreariness, downheartedness, dolor, dolefulness, distress, dispiritedness, discouragement, disconsolation, despondency, desperation, desolation, dejection, cheerlessness, blues, bleakness, blahs, abjectness, abjection, abasement. An unpleasant or negative mood such as the kind of depression that interferes with one's normal ability to function for long periods of time requires professional treatment.

Agoraphobia means a morbid fear of open spaces often including a fear of being caught alone in a public location especially while feeling trapped or having no escape from the situation. Related words include: phobic neurosis, phobic disorder and phobia. This aspect of anxiety is also covered on this website.

Anxiety Disorder: The Worst Emotional & Psychological Torture Ever

Iwould never, never wish it on anyone, it was that terrible. How did a guy like myself overcome such profound anxiety? How did I manage such a devastating disorder without psychotherapy, or medications of any kind? It took many years of study to figure out natural, healthy, positive drug-free remedies for healing anxiety disorder and severe depression.

Anxiety disorder mainly began in my teens and early twenties, when I started to feel so utterly, utterly strange in my life, world, surroundings, etc. Awareness of the vastness of the universe along with a spiritual awakening caused me much fear and terror. Things happened inside my mind that I could not understand, causing me to lose my basic sense of reality, security, peace and self-confidence. I struggled desperately for several decades to get my natural sense of security and happiness back. I must have tried everything, but nothing accepted as conventional medical treatment for anxiety disorder (originally called "anxiety neurosis") helped at all, in fact, only seemed to make it worse.

After much suffering, searching, trial and error, the only remedies that healed my anxiety disorder was a balanced, alkaline diet of raw fruits, raw vegetables, special herbs and super foods, powerful antioxidant supplements, pure mindedness, spiritual knowledge, negatively ionized (alkaline) water, and exercise.

Russell Symonds

ABOVE IMAGE: Russell Symonds at the age of 53: "Anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, chronic fatigue and the severe financial problems that resulted from this suffering completely ruined my life. I was terrified of the infinite space of the cosmos that surrounds Planet Earth. However, natural supplements and spiritual love has given me new hope. You can benefit from what I have learned and hopefully save you from the kind of suffering and humiliation I have endured for over 40 years."

I Have Great Empathy for Anyone with Anxiety Disorder and/or Depression, etc.

I have absolute sympathy for anyone who had to go through or is still suffering from anxiety disorder and the long episodes of severe depression that so often "counterbalance" the anxiety disorder along with all its unpleasant and inconvenient "domino effects" or frustrating complications. For those with the kind of emotional difficulties similar to what I've had to endure, life is extra hard and extra challenging. The immense challenges of depression and anxiety really forces one to ask daily, "What is the purpose of my existence?" and "Why the hell was I born?" I feel like a real glutton for punishment having incarnated into this lifetime. I wouldn't be surprised if I had come from a different planet, because I sure as heck don't feel like I belong on this one!

What Am I Doing Here? Why Should I Even Bother with Life?

"What am I doing here? Why should I even bother with life? It is so hard especially when all the daily chores, grind, financial problems, etc. get one down and overwhelmed!"

Most anxiety prone people are faced with a massive, ever-expanding list of priorities and responsibilities, and feel too exhausted, too anxious to get the courage and energy needed to go shopping or drive to work, etc. Procrastination becomes a serious problem and those with anxiety disorder often suffer from depression too. Even the simplest task can seem like climbing Mt. Everest. The stress can build up hundreds of times faster than one normally would feel.

The cruelest aspects to these disorders is the financial and social costs. As a result of my illness I was forced into bankruptcy and had to live my entire life alone. It is often impossible for people with this type of illness to have a social life because, (1) they are always either too tired or too busy trying to survive to even consider dating or going out to meet new people, and (2) there is often a social phobia caused by poor memory, vertigo, dizziness and inability to concentrate while conversing or relating to others. Then as if all that is not terrible enough, there is agoraphobia, which can make one too terrified to even leave home or one's local "comfort zone" in many cases. One is forced to live a very lonely, desperate and miserable, even hellish existence. The suffering and heartbreak is quite severe, resulting in a suicide rate rivaling the mortality rate of many of the major deadly degenerative diseases often reported in the media.

However, it is amazing what the right nutritional therapy can do over a given period of time to eliminate, heal or at least greatly reduce all these nervous problems.

Which Substances Alleviate Anxiety and Depression and Which Substances Cause Anxiety and Depression?

Knowing which substances, (herbs, drugs, etc.) can help and which ones to avoid can make a HUGE difference in the life of one susceptible to anxiety, depression, and/or chronic fatigue syndrome! However, BEFORE dosing yourself with MORE substances beware of any adverse interactions they might have with any medicines already being taken, please be sure to eliminate any illegal drugs, chemicals, supplements, heavy metal toxins, possible metabolic problems and food sensitivities that could be causing your problem(s) in the first place, and be sure to flush out the system (your blood stream, kidneys, etc.) every day from now on between meals with six to twelve 8 oz. glasses of watered down high antioxidant fruit juices instead of snacking. Never overdose on any vitamin, mineral, amino acid, herb, etc. (can worsen your problems instead of alleviate them) and unless taken as a single synergistic formulation, please avoid taking too many substances all at once, otherwise they can quickly become very cumbersome, overtaxing to the kidneys and liver (causing tiredness, indigestion, depression and more anxiety), and be too expensive to take every day anyway.

Substances known to cause anxiety:

Alcohol (long term use), any type of sugar, barbiturates (long term use), amphetamines, hallucinogens, LSD, mescaline, caffeine, cannabis (marijuana), cocaine, phencyclidine (PCP), Prozac, ephedrine, nicotine, clomiphene, yohimbine, lactic acid, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, malic acid, carbonic acid, MSG, phenylalanine, tyramine, cadmium, copper, mercury, candida albikans, and any accumulated toxins and/or biochemical imbalances caused by inadequate water intake between meals, weakened kidney, liver and/or lymphatic function. Please go to this website for more information regarding substances.

Substances known to alleviate anxiety:

Ionized or alkalized water, turmeric, calcium*, magnesium, potassium, full-spectrum colloidal minerals including all essential minerals and/or trace elements, melatonin (must be taken at night), l-threonine, l-theanine, inositol, GABA, vitamin B3, all other B vitamins, stabilium, pyruvate dehydrogenase, DHEA, tryptophan, melatonin, pregnenolone, phosphatidylserine, brahmi, chamomile, damiana, rhodiola rosa, ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, hops, kava kava, passion flower, valerian and cayenne pepper. Vitamin K2, vitamin D (or sunshine) and its relation to calcium metabolism may also play a vital role in the alleviation of anxiety. Cayenne pepper is extremely hot, however its rather intense circulation and metabolic effects maximize one's ability to cope with stress and one's ablity to utilize other supplements.

Substances known to cause depression:

Any type of sugar, too much oil, fat, cheese, and solid carbohydrate food, antihypertensives, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, calcium channel blockers, corticosteroids, birth control pills, pain killers, anti-seizure medicines, any accumulated toxins and/or biochemical imbalances caused by inadequate water intake between meals, weakened kidney, liver and/or lymphatic function.

Substances known to alleviate depression:

Ionized or alkalized water, melatonin (must be taken at night), 5-hydroxy-tryptophan, l-tryosine, DL-phenylalanine, methionine, melatonin, St. John's Wort, inositol, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B3, all other B vitamins, ashwaganda, rhodiola rosa, epimedium, ginkgo biloba, kava kava, cayenne pepper, ginger root, turmeric, vinpocetine, phosphatidylserine, dehydroepiandrosterone, pregnenolone, GABA, DMAE, MSM and Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, all other essential minerals and/or trace elements, coral calcium, and dolomite. Cayenne pepper is extremely hot, however its rather intense circulation and metabolic effects maximize one's ability to cope with depression and one's ablity to utilize other supplements.

Your sexual habits also play a massive role in moods, emotions and relationships:

Learn at this website how changing one's sexual habits can increase levels of L-dopa in the brain (which help to maintain emotional stability) and prevent high levels of prolactin which can cause unpleasant moods.

Can One Use Natural, Alternative Remedies to Manage Anxiety Disorder and/or Depression?

You will find vital anxiety disorder and other mental, spiritual and physical health information on this website that should really help you heal or overcome even the worst nervous and emotional problems using only natural, alternative healing methods, remedies or treatments without drugs, without pharmaceuticals, and therefore without side-effects. (Warning! - This does NOT mean anyone can immediately discontinue all drugs and then go on a natural healing diet and remedies! Anyone presently depending on drugs must work with a nutritionally oriented physician to gradually replace them with more natural alternatives.)

The anxiety disorder and other mental, spiritual and physical healing remedies available on this website can set you on a vital journey back to wholeness or perfect health, which is far more valuable than anything else one could ever have or hope for! Only natural healing methods and remedies should be used to help one find one's way back to one's true nature (wholeness); any other way such as drugs can only provide at best a poor imitation of wholeness which I suppose is better than nothing and for emergency use until one fully commits to a 100% natural anti-anxiety, antidepressant "wholeness" lifestyle. This fact is absolutely obvious to me, I know this fact is true, and therefore my whole lifestyle revolves around the discovery and use of only natural remedies and powerful spiritual truths to gently find my way back to the heart of wholeness rather than suffering from so much anxiety disorder and resulting frustration and emotional pain of depression or having to depend on expensive prescription drugs to artificially fill in the biochemical holes.

Alkaline Water, Brain Power Boosting Antioxidants, Whole Natural Food, Raw Juices, and Therapeutic Herbs that Improve Circulation May Be Your Most Vital Defenses Against Anxiety

I will cover many different useful and positive natural remedies for healing anxiety disorder and/or depression that you can use with the help of your doctor to recover from various emotional and physical imbalances such as crippling worry, stress, anxiety attacks, apathy, apprehensiveness, agoraphobia, frustration, confusion, memory loss, paranoia, melancholy, excessive tiredness, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, general poor health, malaise, and other mysterious symptoms, etc. that often cannot be diagnosed.

What one eats is the most important factor of mental health. To begin, avoid all types of sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, sirup, honey, candy, desserts, sweet snacks, dried fruit, bananas, etc.), which are simple carbohydrates, concentrated fats (such as cheese and butter) and commercial vegetable oils. Keep as closely as possible to a carefully balanced, whole natural food diet rich in adaptogenic herbs, raw juicy (citrus) fruit, vegetable juice, nut, seed and grain milks, fresh organic eggs, soy milks, superfood green powders, complete liquid vitamin/mineral formulas, and fulvic (or colloidal) trace minerals, etc.

Throughout this website I will talk about many different approaches, and I encourage that as many as possible be included. Not one aspect always stands on its own because various different healing remedies often work best with another in a vital way and of course, the human being is far too complex for just one simple pill or remedy to always work.

Here is a list of what is known to be helpful followed by a list of what could be harmful:

THINGS TO EMBRACE (last updated Thursday, Dec. 23, 2010 and more recently: Thursday, August 13, 2015):
  • My own latest personal regimen (based on nearly 40 years of direct nutritional experimentation and research) that works EXTREMELY WELL for me can be found here. I discovered that a 100% natural and organic, full-spectrum, adaptogenic, herb-based, high fiber, high protein, high fat, high cholesterol, low sugar, superfood, oval-vegan diet to be the most effective way possible to overcome fatigue and depression. The theory behind this diet is that our stone-age or pre-agricultural ancestors lived mainly on a daily gathering of a huge variety of natural herbs, roots, eggs, seed, nuts, legumes, grains, fruits, berries, barks, fungi and pollens growing in a natural, pristine forest environment. Then I add my own adaptations such as avoiding snacks and drinking loads of water between whole, complete meals instead.

    Because the brain is made up mostly of cholesterol and because the body needs cholesterol to create all its sexual well-being hormones, it would be a huge mistake to exclude organic, grass-fed eggs from the diet. Cholesterol lowering drugs and possibly too little cholesterol in one's diet can result in many health problems, including depression, memory problems, Alzheimer's, and intracerebral hemorrhaging.

    Even what is considered today's most healthy diets are still tend to be rather mineral and antioxidant deficient and lacking in nearly all of the required herbs that ancient humans must have consumed in a huge variety. Our minds still need the effects of a large variety of adaptogenic botanicals in the diet to keep functioning on a level of contentment, happiness, and spiritual awareness.

    PLEASE CHECK REGULARLY MY LATEST DIETARY GUIDELINE PAGE WHICH IS UPDATED WHENEVER INCORPORATE FURTHER IMPROVEMENTS. THEREFORE IT IS VITAL YOU REGULARLY GO BACK TO IT (HOLY GRAIL) FOR MORE ADVANCED NUTRITIONAL IDEAS THAT CAN REALLY HELP YOU. Again, please Go here for more information including how and where to best find the exact foods, herbs and supplements required. I call it my "Holy Grail" because it is extremely valuable.

  • Make sure one is drinking loads of distilled or purified spring water between every whole, complete meal. Combine your whole diet into as few meals per day as possible. This practice helps to reduce the digestive confusion and chances of having an inflammatory or sensitivity reaction to one or more substances taken that could trigger an anxiety attack. Ionized or alkalized water might also be an ideal form of water to drink because of its high pH which helps to buffer lactic acid (a substance often associated with anxiety) in the bloodstream.

    As long as one keeps up with the daily flushing with water (instead of snacking between meals), colloidal minerals and full spectrum mineral supplements, exercising regularly, and eating only wholesome, antioxidant rich super foods, one may need only a few extra supplements and hopefully not require any further help. If not enough water is drunk on a daily basis, toxins from what is consumed, toxins from metabolic wastes, and toxins from other sources can and do accumulate causing all manner of problems. Metabolic wastes and other toxins are often part of the cause of so many mental and emotional problems, not always mineral and/or vitamin deficiencies.

  • If one continues to experience distressing symptoms even after drinking loads of water, try this: For every half gallon of ionized water add 1 tablespoon of a colloidal mineral formula such as 74 plant derived minerals known as "Ionic Minerals" for example; 1 to 3 tablets of a complete mineral formula such as Kal's Amino Max and plenty of Vitamin D and especially K2 (from supplements, natto, grass-fed butter, ghee, etc.) to properly metabolize the calcium. start out with 1/4 to 3/4 teaspoon and work up to three teaspoons cayenne pepper powder (WARNING: cayenne pepper is extremely hot but very effective), or 1 to 5 teaspoons ginger powder between meals. This powerful, cleansing electrolyte-herbal drink is to be used in place of snacking on junk food and/or beverages. The powerful alkalinity of ionized water, dolomite (and sometimes liquid potassium if needed) can act as a buffer against anxiety-inducing lactic acid. Calcium, magnesium and potassium are vital electrolyte minerals required for maintaining calm nerves. The cayenne pepper or ginger is a great overall tonic that significantly improves circulation. Imbalances of circulation in the brain often cause imbalances of emotion including depression and anxiety attacks. Try blending adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, additional supplements, etc. with water to drink before meals for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

  • Be sure to see a qualified nutrition-oriented doctor or physician such as a naturopathic doctor (N.D.) to fully diagnose your condition, properly test for viral infections, your thyroid/TSH levels, adrenals (especially if you also have fatigue), any metabolic imbalances, etc., and make sure your diet is correctly adjusted to your individual need. A qualified nutrition-oriented naturopathic physician can notice vital mistakes in your diet and stressful lifestyle that you may not be fully aware of while helping you find just the right supplements, homeopathic remedies and herbs needed for your condition. If one is seeing a conventional physician (M.D.), make sure he or she does not overlook the possibility of adrenal fatigue, inadequate thyroid function, Epstein-Barr virus, etc. and does not prescribe antidepressants instead of treating the underlying dietary, metabolic, glandular and/or viral condition often causing the anxiety, depression, fatigue, tension, memory problems, and other highly distressing symptoms in the first place. Go here for a YouTube video of a holistic physician (Dr. James Privitera) describing how he would go about healing someone with anxiety and/or depression.

  • Before taking anything new or making any dietary changes, make sure any supplements, foods, etc. about to be consumed do not interact with any medicines presently being taken. Start with Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA), if that does not help, try 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), then Tryptophan, melatonin (especially if you cannot sleep well), and/or L-Theanine, Sam-e, St. John's Wort, Valerian, L-Pyroglutamic Acid, Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), Brain Support Formula, Mood Solution (Twinlab), Mental Alertness, MSM and Vitamin C, Natural Resveratrol, etc. Most people will respond positively to at least one or more of these relatively low-side-effect supplements that can work better than drugs because of the low toxicity of most natural food derived substances.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure all supplements (unless otherwise stated or required by a physician) and are throughly broken down and/or dissolved in water mixed with juice in order to ensure their proper absorption. Otherwise these supplements may not be properly absorbed and therefore not work at all.

  • Make sure that one has an adequate and balanced mineral and vitamin intake is critical. One of the most common causes of intrinsic anxiety disorder, depression, etc. is a diet lacking in balanced amounts of calcium (1-3 gm.), phosphorous (1-3 gm.), and magnesium (500-1500 mg.), potassium (100-600 mg) and sometimes some of the other electrolytes such as sodium, and chloride, and/or any of around 66 other trace minerals. Vitamin deficiencies such as in B complex and vitamin D can also play a huge part. The amounts of mineral and trace minerals actually needed by most people are best supplied by supplements such as coral calcium liquid (calcium, magnesium and trace minerals), calcium-magnesium powder, dolomite (supplies calcium and magnesium and be sure to get only from a lead/mercury-free source!), lecithin (phosphorous), and food grade yeast (phosphorous and B complex). A full spectrum mineral supplement that includes coral calcium, vitamin K2 (important!), magnesium, selenium, zinc, trace elements, and/or any complete mineral formula/supplement, hopefully with something like 5000 IU daily vitamin D would be ideal. However NEVER take large amounts of vitamin D and calcium without also taking plenty of vitamin K2 from supplements, NATTO and/or grass-fed ghee. Also look for antioxidants such as vitamin C, bioflavonoids, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin A, alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, DMAE, quercetin, pine bark extract, grape seed extract, etc. Lecithin and essential fatty acids from cod liver oil, hemp seed oil, and/or flax seed oil can also be very helpful and healthful. Also try B6, zinc, pantothenic acid, niacinamide, inositol, choline and other B complex to see if they help in any way. Try to take most of the above as part of a formula such as Brain Support Formula, Mood Solution (Twinlab), Super Nutrition Antioxidant Power, Mental Alertness and as green powders such as Greens Today and Green Vibrance rather than separately.

  • Vitamin D (or sunshine), absolutely vital vitamin K2 (from NATTO, grass-fed ghee and supplements), and its relation to brain hormone receptors and possibly calcium metabolism may also play a vital role in the alleviation of anxiety and nervousness. I have noticed a tendency of mood affective disorder, anxiety and nervousness in individuals living in northern climates and/or those avoiding the sun. There seems to be a strong relationship between lack of vitamin D, lack of vitamin K2 and tooth decay, osteoporosis, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, brain and nerve degeneration, heart failure, colon cancer and other forms of cancer. IMPORTANT NOTE: for vitamin D to work properly and safely, it should always be taken along with vitamin K2, and works well with vitamin A, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids such as linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid, omega 3, omega 6, DHA and EPA.

  • Use adaptogenic herbs such as rhodiola rosa, epimedium and ashwaganda for depression, and relaxing herbs such as kava kava, hops and chamomile for anxiety. Use special herbs and supplements known to improve circulation and brain power such as ginger, ginkgo and gotu kola. Also try shilajit which is a fulvic acid rich mineral pitch. Learn more about it here.

  • Enjoy a diet rich in whole raw organic food, especially raw leafy greens, fruits and vegetables, organic complete protein foods such as protein powder, chlorella, fertile organic range-free whole raw fresh eggs blended with hemp milk. liquid or granular lecithin, 1-2 tbls. food grade yeast, one teaspoon of coral calcium powder, brown rice, legumes, chlorella, tomatoes, lettuce, beet, fennel, ginger, red onion, pineapple, oranges and blueberries, and antioxidant fruit juices such as: pomegranate, blackberry, cherry, goji berry, acai, noni, mangosteen, and herbal teas such as pure green tea.

  • Conserve sexual fluids (the yogic conservation and transmutation of VITAL sexual energy can help, and then after several weeks or months more effectively reduce depression). Also read article: Celibacy, Sex and Anxiety Disorder.

  • Enjoy regular meditations or "quiet times" of mental focus and rest.

  • Enjoy regular or daily exercise, however avoid too much all at once. Those who exercise on a regular basis soon develop a phenomenal degree of resilience to stress, depression and anxiety.

  • Embrace positive ideas, while concentrating on positive affirmations and positive words, such as love, beauty, joy, and prosperity. The quality of your inner being is what really matters (manifests). You are, in a sense, creating your reality with your thoughts.

  • Develop a very strong faith in God and a powerful spiritual awareness similar to those who had a near-death experience and please be 100% assured that there is an endless and beautiful life after death and perfect justice in this universe. It is extremely important to know this vital fact!

  • Always have a healing attitude of loving God, and selfless service to God in all other people.

  • Keep only the company of friends who are supportive and understanding of your condition.

  • A personal method I use to distract myself from having a panic attack is to mentally visualize and then focus on a black equilateral triangle (pictured here) with blue light behind it. I find black, dark blues, indigos and purples to be very soothing colors. Unfortunately, all the above methods can never replace the essential requirements and benefits of healthy eating, pure lifestyle and dietary supplementation.

  • Avoid dehydration! Be sure one is following the top item in the "THIGS TO EMBRACE" section. This one aspect (in combination with a supremely healthy diet) will greatly simplify one's search for a cure of depression, anxiety, etc. Learn more about the vital necessity of (preferably ionized) water here.

  • Avoid eating the same thing over and over again. Instead rotate your meals so that the same high lectin foods (seeds, nuts, wholegrains, legumes) and protein foods (eggs, yogurt, salmon, sardines) are not repeated more than once every seven days and that a much greater variety is eaten. I suffer food sensitivities causing gastrointestinal distress, severe depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and agoraphobia, so this rule definitely applies to me. After not repeating anything more often than once every seven days combined with the extended periods of water fasting between meals instead of snacking, I actually feel immensely better.

  • Avoid all sugars (simple carbohydrates) or any food that contains sugar. Avoid all forms of dessert, candy, chocolate, sweet beverages and sodas, dried fruits, bananas, sirup, molasses, and honey because of their high concentration of simple carbohydrates that create unfavorable blood and neurohormone/sugar imbalances. Most people with mood disorders can be dramatically effected in varying degrees by how much sugar they take. In some cases, it is unfortunate that even the sugar in the healthiest foods such as grapes, frozen berries and bee pollen can still cause or lead to negative moods, feeling groggy, nervous tension and more anxiety. Become aware of how much sugar lurks in the diet and remove as much sweet food as possible whenever one feels "crummy" especially if after doing all else and nothing seems to work. The amount of simple carbohydrates one may need to remove from the diet varies from person to person. Simple carbohydrates can convert too easily into high levels of blood triglycerides and oxidative free-radicals which are not good for one's health at all anyway.

  • Avoid all common beverages such as coffee, colas, sodas, beer and especially all other alcoholic drinks. The high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, sugar, acids and alcohol in these common beverages have major devastating, dehydrating and acidifying effects that are extremely destructive for the kidneys, liver, eyes, nerves, capillaries, bones, teeth, blood sugar levels, and the acidic effects (of sodas and colas for instance) on the nerves are especially aggravating for anxiety and other mental disorders.

  • Avoid fried foods or food fried in fats and oils. Although appetizing, every serving of fried chicken, fried steak or hamburger for instance is a massive dose of free radicals that lead to hardening of arteries, stroke, heart disease, destruction of the immune system, and acceleration of the aging process. Ground meat also tends to be high in rancid or oxidized fatty acids which are the worse enemy of health and longevity.

  • Please try to avoid any type of red meat (such a dead cow, lamb, and pork flesh) altogether which is often loaded with all the hormones and biochemistry of the emotions of extreme terror and severe depression of the animal killed just before and during slaughter. Some animals, especially pigs, are actually very clean, loving and intelligent animals! Best to replace all meat and fish, etc., with with protein powders, eggs, soy, legumes, chlorella, soy, nut and seed milks.

  • Generally, cheese is not as biologically valuable as most other sources of protein, such as supplemented protein powders, eggs, chlorella, spirulina, soy, legumes, nuts and seed. NEVER eat cheese in place of eggs and/or other healthier forms of sea and vegetarian protein. Cheese is poorly balanced, highly addictive, can cause severe emotional imbalances, while replacing other, more wholesome food; something is drastically wrong with most kinds of cheese and anything of a similar nature! Cheese is a concentrated source of casein and other substances that can overstimulate opiate receptors in the brain and cause food addictions. Allergic and food sensitivity reactions (often emotional) are also common with cheese.

  • The common dairy products milk and yogurt are also questionable "health foods" that I often found problematic. Something important seems to be lacking in cow's milk and related milk products which I suspect could be certain essential fatty acids and enzymes essential for brain health, while containing other enzymes (that seem to deposit calcium and cholesterol on arteries), the milk sugar lactose (can cause indigestion and metabolic imbalances), and the highly addictive casein. If one has to drink milk, use only fresh, raw, organic, whole milk from grass-fed goats or cows and no more than once a week.

  • Avoid all commercial food products that contain high fructose corn syrup, trans-fatty acids, monosodium glutamate, food colorings and other artificial additives. Such additives can cause all kinds of complications such as food addictions, obesity, tissue inflammation, headaches, sensitivities and allergies.

  • Avoid too intense a work-out because too much exercise all at once can cause a lactic acid build-up resulting in more anxiety and/or anxiety attacks.

  • Antioxidants, herbs and other food supplements can make a massive difference in one's health and well-being. However, please be careful NOT to overdose or take more than is needed which can best be determined by long term experimentation and experience under the guidance of a qualified health practitioner. Go here for more info on antioxidant formulas and other vital, healing supplements. Synergistic antioxidant formulas in low dosages usually work best.

  • Check yourself (with help of an advanced health practitioner) for food sensitivities. You could be suffering unpleasant emotional reactions to milk and other milk products such as yogurt, cheese, butter, ice cream, etc. Other common food sensitivities to beware of include soy, eggs, fish, nuts, wheat, corn, pork, beef, food colorings, etc. To learn more about food sensitivities go here.

  • Try to avoid the common pitfalls of dietary fads and extremes (sometimes rather drastic) that may seem at first to work great only to lead to some major imbalances, confusions, and other serious complications later on. If one gets bored with food, that is usually the first warning sign something is wrong with the nutritional soundness of the diet.

Vital Note Regarding Endocrine Gland Disorders such as Adrenal Fatigue:

Sick and tired of everything? Completely burned out? Long-term tiredness, fatigue, anxiety disorder, anxiety attacks, frustration, low libido, insomnia, and a sense that life is just too overwhelming can be symptoms of adrenal fatigue which is now quite common. To learn more about how to find out whether or not you are suffering from adrenal fatigue and how to overcome it, go here to watch numerous "adrenal fatigue" YouTube videos created by various physicians.

Vital Note Regarding Metabolic Conditions such as Pyroluria:

Either pyroluria, porphyria, histadelia, or some other metabolic condition could be responsible for your symptoms. For more information be sure to get Patrick Holford's Optimum Nutrition for the Mind. Through the following website, you can order tests for pyroluria and other various metabolic disorders right here: www.kryptopyrrole.com. If you have most of the symptoms of pyroluria and suffer life-long anxiety and depression symptoms then the treatment would be to keep protein intake low (avoid too much cheese and eliminate meat) and supplement diet with some B6, zinc, and possibly some niacinamide. Be careful not to overdose, taking too many and/or too much of anything can have the opposite effect of what you are trying to alleviate. I suffered from the same symptoms, yet managed to overcome most of them using my own regimen described at length throughout this page and the present page you are already reading or viewing.

Sorry about the Information Overload

You may feel overwhelmed by all the different approaches and healing remedies to an eventual elimination of anxiety disorder and/or depression above. With the help of a competent health practitioner and lab tests, choose those approaches and healing remedies best suited to your personal needs and availability, etc. then learn about and add more and more of the above approaches and healing remedies over the months ahead or until you have fully succeeded at your goal.

Some of the above approaches and remedies may not apply to your personal situation anyway, nor even agree with you, but it is up to you to experiment through trial and error and find out for sure just which combination of the above factors works best for you.

Nothing artificial should ever be used in replacement of fresh, whole, raw organic vegetable and fruit juices. Other obvious items to eliminate are, of course, illicit street drugs, smoking, alcohol and junk foods of all kinds. There are all kinds of health and social reasons one needs to make sure that every effort is made to keep all of that unhealthy stuff completely and permanently out of one's life! Go here for much more complete dietary and nutritional information.

There may even be other healing factors not listed that could be of great help to some people. The rest of this website will try to cover all aspects of all of the above items. May your hard-earned recovery toward health be swift, complete, and beautiful.

For your interest, I have included many more articles on approaches to much better mental health and and healing remedies regarding anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, antioxidants, herbal and dietary supplements, raw food, social anxiety, meditation, chronic fatigue syndrome, financial anxiety, kundalini problems and vital spiritual truths. Please continue on to the "Healing Anxiety/Depression Articles" below:

The Complications of Anxiety, Fear and Depression and How Advanced Spiritual Knowledge Can Help One Dramatically!

The possible "side effects" and other related aspects of depression and anxiety disorder are devastating: loneliness, despair, social isolation, inferiority complex, agoraphobia, insomnia, panic attacks, vertigo, fatigue, overeating, underrating, alcohol and/or drug dependency, poor physical health, poor concentration and memory, low productivity and suicidal tendencies.

I am assuming that you or someone you know has suffered for years from debilitating and often humiliating mental discomforts and distresses usually resulting in agoraphobia, long periods of depression and other complications too numerous to list here, otherwise you wouldn't have bothered to read this far.

As if things weren't bad enough, the anxiety disorder (or neurosis) and depression that I suffered from throughout my childhood and especially teenage years gradually created an additional burden for me to contend with: agoraphobia! Severe agoraphobia ruined my life! My gripping fears of the vastness and seemingly hostile nature of the universe often overwhelmed me so much I was absolutely wishing I had never been born. I was a "basket case" of a huge number of "sub clinical" symptoms all diagnosed as "hypochondria" or "all in my head!" By my mid teens (in the early 1970's) I was also overcome with severe acne, poor digestion, was way too skinny for a young man, and suffered various other physical humiliations. Even to this day I am still wondering what exactly the heck was it that hit me so hard and so cruelly. The fear, loneliness, depression, sense of alienation and deprivation of genuine love in the world was too much for me to handle, especially being such a sensitive, compassionate guy like myself who felt life to be incredibly unfair and unjust. My life seemed like a long, drawn out "Chinese" torture of the soul: rather like a crucifixion in extremely slow motion or an eternity in hell.

To heal my life, I had to search for answers, new approaches and new healing remedies in all directions. For years and years I spent what little money I had researching diets, religions, philosophies, psychology, biochemistry, etc. to get the satisfactory answers I needed just to feel more comfortable about my self-aware existence and its relationship to the universe. This website is the result of several decades of study in the subjects listed above and in many additional fields of beneficial interest as well. For a free eBook with many beautiful pages of vital lifestyle and dietary information from a spiritual perspective, transmutation of vital sexual energy, love and spiritual marriage, meditation, prana, yoga, afterlife experiences, etc. go here. For proof of an eternal, beautiful life after death (really helped me!) go here. Of course, also read the above mentioned article: Death, Grief and Anxiety Disorder.

Healing Anxiety/Depression Articles

What I Went Through and How I Found Relief - I suffered severely from anxiety and depression for more than 30 years. It got worse during high school, and even worse later on, making my life as miserable as possible. This is my story of great pain, long years of isolation, misery and utter hopelessness and how I gradually found my way out of this dismal tunnel of despair and into the light of wisdom, joy and great relief.

To full article >> What I Went Through and How I Found Relief

Healing Depression and Anxiety with Diet - It took decades to figure all this out. The resulting information is to me, far more valuable than any amount of gems or diamonds. Some of it is obvious, but most of it is not. I'll start with the more obvious causes of anxiety, depression and their related fatigue symptoms then go into the not-so-obvious.

To full article >> Healing Anxiety - Part 1

Healing Depression and Anxiety with Supplements - Another absolutely vital and essential part of healing anxiety and recovery from nervous problems is circulation support and enhancement using powerful antioxidants such as microhydrin, special circulation supporting herbs, EDTA, and other supplements. Many of the regular supplements I already mentioned often support circulation as well.

To full article >> Healing Anxiety - Part 2

What is It like to be Agoraphobic? - Agora comes from the Greek word for marketplace, and phobia means fear, therefore, agoraphobia had to originally mean fear of the marketplace. In many cases agoraphobia still means just that: a fear of public places such as a shopping center or marketplace or any such location. However, today's definition has a much more expanded meaning that also includes a fear of any sort of open space, public or otherwise.

To full article >> What is Agoraphobia Like?

What is It like to have Anxiety Disorder? - The word anxiety comes from the Latin, anxieties or anxius and defined as the abnormal apprehension of some imaginary or real thing often accompanied by increased pulse, sweating and tremors. Obviously it is natural and healthy to have some momentary anxiety about some real dangers. However, when it gets out of hand, overblown or in any way that makes one's life miserable, it is no longer considered normal but rather as an unhealthy condition presently known as anxiety disorder and was originally termed anxiety neurosis.

To full article >> What is Anxiety Disorder Like?

What is It like to be Depressed? - Depression is said to be the "common cold" of mental illness. Unfortunately there has been such a stigma attached to mental illness that throughout history, those having to contend with whatever aspect(s) of mental illness life threw at them, also had to contend with many associated social injustices as well. While moments of panic and anxiety can quickly escalate into perhaps the most unpleasant feelings one can ever have, they tend to be more temporary and fleeting than depression which can go on and on without any let-up for days, weeks or even months on end.

To full article >> What is Depression Like?

Anxiety/Depression: Medication, Meditation or Herbs? - What is the preferred treatment for anxiety, depression and related nervous problems? There is a huge assortment of products available today claiming to cure anxiety, depression and related problems. Obviously, one should always be careful not to overlook any serious medical problems that might be causing emotional imbalances in the first place. And it is just as important to make sure that one is not prone to eating junk and that the diet is wholesome, high in antioxidants, raw fruits and vegetables, and contains healthy super foods such as chlorella, pumpkin seed, bee pollen, raw sauerkraut, kefir, and goji berries.

To full article >> Medication or Herbs?

How to Cope with Social Anxiety - Shyness is quite common and not a real problem unless it becomes chronic and develops into a form of social anxiety that is quite persistent, socially crippling and bothersome. A social phobia is simply a more specific form of social anxiety. There are many different aspects and causes of this disorder resulting in many variations requiring different treatment approaches. Every case is unique. It usually manifests as some form of extreme discomfort, shyness or anxiety associated with being in a social situation, especially a competitive, confrontational or stressful one.

To full article >> Dealing with Social Anxiety

How I Cope with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a controversial condition with no precise definition or single known cause. Various things can cause it and the only way known to diagnose it is through a diagnosis of exclusion of all other pathologies known to cause chronic fatigue such diabetes, depression, anemia, leukemia, malnutrition, etc. However there are some specific terms or conditions associated with CFS such as encephalomyelitis, and post-viral fatigue syndrome (PVFS). etc. The condition must also be present for more than 6 months for it to match most diagnostic criteria.

To full article >> Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

How to Cope with Financial Anxiety - Certainly in the world, the way it is designed, there is no ongoing free lunch or dinner or anything like that. A child may wonder why work? Why not simply go to a place that hands out $20 dollar bills by the dozen? Of course, extreme inflation would quickly take over if we were all simply handed out money instead of having to work for it. However, the raw materials are, in a sense provided for free, but it often remains hidden in the ground or up in a tree somewhere. Most of the time there are enough raw materials provided by Mother Earth for most people everywhere to use to create or grow whatever is needed, however, the extraction of minerals and the harvesting of crops is still a huge commitment of time and labor even if done mechanically.

To full article >> Financial Anxiety

What is It like to have Kundalini Problems? - The word kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning "coiled up" which comes from kundalin or circular, coiled like a ring or kundala and defined as the life force residing at the base of the spine which, when aroused can rise or extend up the central passage of the spine through six energy centers or chakras until the crown chakra at the top of the head is reached. The word "Kundalini" when used in the context of a universal feminine principle or Goddess, is often capitalized. Thus, "Kundalini Ma" is this feminine life force principle residing in all beings as the creative or sexual energy. She interacts very intimately with prana, orgone or bioplasmic energy. I know this is true because after lots of meditation or spending time in nature I can often sense Kundalini energy being stimulated by pranic energy (Holy Spirit).

To full article >> Kundalini Problems

Celibacy, Sex and Anxiety Disorder - Try to find a website promoting celibacy in a positive way and it is like trying to find a needle in the proverbial haystack! Do I have to be just another "voice in the wilderness?" I am all for love between man and woman, however it is possible to benefit from an even higher, more emotionally fulfilling and much more stable relationship if both somehow learn to conserve and channel their sexual energy into higher divine love and bliss. In this attitude of transmutation I found much more joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in my life than ever before. I would become as happy as I was before puberty. As natural as the sexual experience is, it also has quite an effect on the brain that is OK for those who are not concerned about spiritual progress and other related forms of self-improvement, but can be quite devastating for those who are concerned about the spiritual path and long to be free of stress, worry, anxiety and all the other depressing effects of day-to-day life! Contrary to popular opinion, it can be even more natural to be celibate with very much reduced anxiety and depression and be more fulfilled than ever!

To full article >> Celibacy, Sex and Anxiety

Death, Grief and Anxiety Disorder - My long years of suffering from anxiety disorder (anxiety neurosis) began with a terrific fear of having a heart attack every evening while trying to fall asleep; however, I was only nine years old. This hypochondria had its roots in an overwhelming dread of death which in turn came from a complete lack of knowledge or understanding of what death is really all about and its real implications. At that time (in 1966) there was no scientific or factual validation of life after death available in my personal library! All I had was what little knowledge religion can provide. Not knowing what death was all about, I had a very rough time accepting and understanding death! And with the Vietnam war raging on, the terrible specter of death was all over the media and in the news quite often. In addition to the news I often heard about neighbors, relatives, etc., dying from this or that disease, or watched on TV programs and movies of people dropping dead from heart attacks, seizures, accidents, violence, and other such mishaps. At first I could not accept that I was only mortal, but I soon became more and more afraid of the same sort of things happening to me.

To full article >> Death, Grief and Anxiety

Some of the most healing books I encountered were Autobiography of a Yogi, Embraced by the Light and the "law of attraction" series of books by Joseph Murphy. It calmed my nerves immensely to realize that we are indeed spiritual beings with many energy fields or "bodies" (see Hands of Light : A Guide to Healing...) that live on long after the physical body ceases to function. And that our minds actually play an immense role in determining what kinds of experiences we will have. God dwells inside all aware beings, giving them great power of manifestation based on what thoughts they bring most habitually into their consciousness. We must control our thinking!

Other Anxiety and Depression Websites

Depression Treatment and Symptoms - This informative site contains an alphabetical listing of mental health disorders and problems and how they can be treated. This site also features online support by means of articles, depression discussions, self help tips, help groups, etc.

Go Here for a listing of many more great anxiety and depression information websites.


If you wish to contribute financially to my work, you can do so right here. The goal of the Science of Wholeness website is to research and make wholeness available for everyone. If you have benefited from using the information provided on this site, I would love to know all about it and how you recovered. Please e-mail me for any questions, sugestions and ideas.


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: By accessing this website - You state that you are in a fit and proper condition and will not make any claim against "Science of Wholeness" or the author(s) of this site in regards to any and/or all material presented on this site or an individual's interpretation of them. Even though great benefits can be achieved through the correct following of the principles of wholeness, the author(s) cannot be responsible for any losses or damages incurred on the reader as a result of trying to use any of the material presented on this site.

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