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Blog 2010 - Let's Help Create a Better Future! Seek Wholeness First!

The main mistake of humankind is trying to find happiness outside one's self in external situations and material things instead of within the heart or spirit through correct eating, herbs, divine love, chastity and hours of daily concentration on Spirit in meditation.

The result of the general human population ignoring its own true nature as infinite, eternal inner love, joy and fulfillment results in a long history of catastrophic problems such as wars, pollution, poverty, crime, murders, natural disasters, financial disasters, famine, and terrible diseases.

Strong negative emotions such as greed, lust, envy, hate, grief, aversion and fear cause confusion, darkness and misery. It is of paramount importance to balance emotions and seek only the deepest levels of wholeness possible to create a far more beautiful future.

December 2010 - Entering the Realm of the Unexplained - Back to Blog Index Page

This universe is full of strange occurrences often too bizarre to be taken seriously by the academic world which has been all too stringent against and rejecting of anyone presenting new paradigms of thinking, or any new phenomena that cannot be explained. But most people throughout the world know that something just outside or beyond our ordinary perception seems to lurk in what I like to call, the realm of the unexplained. Multiple explanations for ghosts, apparitions, nature spirits, UFOs, etc., include hallucination, psychosis, hypnogogic states, etc. But when they start moving objects around the room, and the "hallucination" is witnessed and sometimes even felt by others, or it can be photographed, recorded on tape, analyzed electronically, and even gives one information that could not be found any other way, we are looking at something much more than just imagination. It also comes across my mind that because the brain really is a quantum mechanical computer, it would tend to have infinite sensitivity, or at least the potential for clairvoyance (remote viewing), clairaudience, astral projection and other interfaces with finer and broader levels of reality.

Please enter quietly the Realm of the Unexplained

October 2010 - Correct Eating Is Vital For Pleasant Reality Creation - Back to Blog Index Page

After nearly forty years of very serious research on the subject of spiritual diets, health, longevity and well-being, I am forced to the profound conclusion that what causes most of the suffering in the world and nearly all of my own suffering is the dependancy on food for survival. Often I am quite puzzled by the continued tendency for others to not look deeply into their own diets and how severely they are actually limiting themselves. It seems one sacrifices everything just to enjoy certain sensory pleasures.

I wrote for a long time about the serious consequences of eating an unnatural diet from plants often grown in depleted soils and animals raised in horrible conditions. I also seriously studied breatharianism since 1979, and made several attempts to live on alternative regimens that would hopefully increase my ability to be sustained more and more on quantum (free) energy instead of food, rather like in the manner of converting from an inefficient or unclean fuel from non-renewable sources to a much more efficient and 100% renewable, yet long lost and long forgotten spiritual fuel for the body.

The first thing one can do to really help save the planet is to go vegetarian. Even though I've learned that some of the best sources of protein come from fish, I would still deem it a very, very good idea for most people everywhere to go 100% vegetarian, and try to get mainly locally and organically grown food, and for those who feel they need at least some form of animal protein, to substitute cooked eggs for fish, chicken, turkey and/or red meat.

One can eventually go even further by eating as much raw food as possible, while progressing toward a liquidarian diet containing all natural raw fruit and vegetable juice, soy milk, rice milk, plant based protein powders, and a variety of nut and seed milks, adaptogenic herbs, superfood green powders, and fermented drinks such as raw kombucha. Why? This is my most advanced spiritual diet, which has given me the most pleasant (good feeling) results of all the diet regimens I ever tried throughout my entire forty year long, trial and error search for wholeness. I ended up resigning to a long list of "favorite" foods that I tried over and over with all sorts of other diet combinations with still the same negative effects. The overall pattern developed into a long list of foods that seemed to have high concentrations of either fats, oils, or sugars. Even foods heavy in fiber would be a problem because of fiber's tendency to interfere with the absorption of all other vital minerals and antioxidants.╩Go here╩for more vital information on my most recent regimen for wholeness.

Additionally, after carefully studying the lives of many historic and contemporary breatharians, I found out they all had some amazing attributes in common: unlimited energy, contentment, perfect health, well-being, and a very clear, self-confident and spiritual outlook on life. They had far less financial obligations to worry about than anyone else, and even if everyone around them suffered and died from something as terrible as a great famine either from a natural disaster or terrible war for example, they would not be affected! This kind of peace-of-mind alone is worth the trouble of working toward the breatharian lifestyle. They are also helping the world greatly by not consuming any of the planet's resources for nourishment. They live freely off the same infinite cosmic, zero point, free energy naturally present throughout the entire universe that spirits use to sustain their etheric bodies. Unfortunately, breatharianism is largely misunderstood and considered completely impossible by those not aware of the unlimited faculties of the human spirit. It also takes ten to twenty years of vegetarian, raw food, liquidarian diets and a long development of the biological ability of cells to absorb and be nourished by cosmic free energy (often disrupted by the eating of solid food). I strongly feel that spiritual advancement must occur everywhere as quickly as possible otherwise humankind will always remain on the brink of disaster and extinction.

One of the greatest truths in the universe is that it is "the state of being that matters, not the situation" as Bashar (channeled through Darryl Anka) would say. The main message behind "The Secret" is to "feel good" while knowing how very important emotions are to affecting the quality of the "reality" we will soon experience. My main problem, however, was not so much in believing this fact proven by various experiments such as the ones shown at╩this website╩and my own personal experiences with reality creation, but trying to find or create within myself a continuous level of joy and excitement required for radiating the "higher vibrations" for living a better life was nearly impossible and very frustrating. Faith alone in "The Secret" might be sufficient for some people, however if one's negative moods such as depression, frustration and anxiety are too hard to control, and other health problems are simply too overwhelming, I would highly recommend working with one's diet as well to create the kind of well-being one needs to create the sort of "reality" one would much prefer.

I went through many experiences confirming my own thought and emotional "experiments" with reality creation. It turned out that thoughts without feelings seemed to have one-tenth the effect of thoughts with strong feelings attached to them. This is what would happen: whenever I went through moods of deep anger, despair and frustration, more often than not, I would, within one or two days, seem to attract others (often perfect strangers) with the same bad temper! Weird things would also happen of a negative or unpleasant nature. I would often find myself accident prone, stumbling, tripping or falling over things that normally would not have any effect on me at all.

On the other hand, feelings of inner calmness and peaceful joy (especially a great samadhi in meditation) would attract to me only others and situations that also seemed very calm, positive and peaceful. Good things would happen, problems would seem to solve themselves, and money would flow my way. As far as manifesting specific things, I have not been good at that (nor do I even recommend it), but it does happen. However, the overall state of mind, (and it is so important to feel content and fulfilled anyway) seemed to have the greatest effect on my own personal reality, what I experience and the outcome of every present moment. Feelings of love toward others and contentment toward one's own life are most important and should be the natural state of the human condition.

Please go here for more information on my latest and most effective regimen for wholeness and vastly accelerated spiritual growth.

August 2010 - A Voice in the Wilderness - Back to Blog Index Page

Even in this time of advanced conveniences such as the internet and high-speed, high capacity personal computers, I still can't stop thinking about the nightmare nature of the human condition, making me realize that on certain basic levels we are no more advanced than animals if we still have to eat as they do, sleep as they do and even have the same need to eliminate waste like they do. Even worse is we also eventually fall apart and drop dead just like the rest of those in the animal kingdom when they get old. In other words, just like all the other animals alive in the physical world, we are born, reproduce, suffer, struggle to survive, grow old and then die, and what is the point of all that?

What would it be like if there was no life after the death of the physical shell? Would we simply cease to exist and simply merge into the universe? If there was no continuation of the fully intact individual after death, it would be dreadful, at least as far as I am concerned, because what point would there then be to all one's difficulties, learning and suffering? One could easily be extremely terrified of death, knowing one would become something extremely different, as either a consciousness that has no more memory or experience of anything any more or simply stops existing entirely or even worse, end up in a very awful reality of eternal hopelessness and despair.

Thank God for the phenomenal paranormal voice information channeled through Leslie Flint and many other spiritualist mediums who provided startling evidence that there is indeed a perfectly natural and beautiful afterlife in multiple realms of ever-increasing love and spiritual development. I am also deeply grateful to all those who "died" and/or experienced many out-of-body excursions, and then came back to share with the rest of us some truly remarkable descriptions that clearly demonstrated the existence of a fully aware and intelligent subtle body and multiple dimensions beyond the physical universe.

This is the true reality of our fate, thank goodness, as it says in the Bible, "in my Father's house are many mansions [or rooms] ..." (John 14:2), or many planes of consciousness to explore, develop and evolve into. Thank God we are not just this bag of flesh and bones! I find huge reassurance that we are far more extensive and that our true essence is in dimensions of higher vibration far removed from all the horrors and miseries of this temporary physical abode. Our true essence is much more subtle and alive than what we call physical and temporary, which is only one of many limited incarnations of our true Self.

How can I be so sure of this truth? In addition to all of the above, I am fortunate enough to also remember multiple personal experiences that could only be explained as an after-death communication (ADC), one from a friend in 1979, and one from my mother after she left the body in December of 1991, and others I knew also experienced communication from these same individuals. I also experienced a reality separate from and beyond my physical body at least a few times and these are fully described in my "Total Astral Projection" page. Millions around the world experienced after-death communications in the form of ghosts and apparitions that could not just be hallucinations or overactive imagination.

The evidence for survival is overwhelming, but the most outstanding I ever experienced are the three-hundred or more recordings of the Leslie Flint seances most of which lasted for 10 to 40 minutes each and full of real (absolutely genuine) conversations, verifiable information, deep spiritual truths, etc., all of which simply cannot have been interpreted in any other way other than spirits communicating with the sitters using Leslie Flint's ectoplasm. The spirits come back from beyond the grave to indeed let the world know that all the terrible suffering of physical existence is not pointless after all.

With all this aside, there are still some problems, however. The first one I experience only all too painfully is the obvious communication gap between those on the other side and the one we are stuck in now, leaving us pretty much to our own devices, and mired in the confusion and befuddlement of day-to-day physical limitations. Many remain quite skeptical too because of this great divide between the physical realm and the spiritual realms is so huge that the vast majority of people still remain largely in the dark regarding all things spiritual and the actual occurrences in the afterlife worlds.

Humanity exists in at least two entirely separated universes with only very scant communication between the two. That is why it was so awesome to hear those Leslie Flint paranormal voice recordings and what an immense breakthrough it was. However Leslie Flint passed away in 1994 and even though other mediums similar to Leslie Flint continue to live on in the physical world, spiritualism has never been the same without Leslie Flint who provided as close to an actual telephone between the living and the departed as one could possibly get.

It is HIGH TIME some really serious (multi-million dollar) high tech research and investigation be done to try to develop a communication device to make it possible to once again not only communicate in a similar fashion provided by Leslie Flint's energy and ectoplasmic voice box, but also make it widely available so that everyone can enjoy such awesome two-way conversation that will not only easily prove life eternal to even the most materialistic and skeptical scientists once and for all, but also provide immense comfort, reassurance, and continuous guidance for those contending with the terrible stresses, limitations and problems of the physical world.

From 2006 to 2008, I created many experiments myself using radios, ion generators and static electricity. Eventually the spirits did pass the word around of my doings, and as a result had some very odd dreams of multitudes of people during this time, spirits trying to pull me out of my body and tapping me on my back while half awake, being taken to a concert on the astral plane(!) while asleep, and other odd things happening. That is why one needs to only have the purest of intentions while attempting to contact spirit, because there are SO MANY that desperately long to contact those on Earth who simply cannot and even the slightest hope for such a possibility will eventually attract multitudes. There are also some trouble makers one needs to be wary of too which one can attract if one puts out the wrong (intentions) vibrations.

I really would like to continue my experiments but am hankered by financial limitations and long-term personal problems such as fatigue, depression and anxiety. It is probably my life-long suffering that got me searching so deeply for the truth regarding spiritual realities in the first place.

My latest idea for a communication device would be something like an EVP amplifier using a theremin (musical instrument that can be played without touching it) and an electrostatic field. Even though this may sound good, I still have my doubts and only give this idea a small chance it could work. The problem is the link or bridge between this world and the afterlife is so tenuous, and so evasive, only some really odd things can act as a "go-between" or medium such as ectoplasm, which, of course, seems to require an extremely rare and specific source. The answer may more likely be some form of exotic dark-room chemistry that could possible form some sort of ectoplasm without having to depend on the rare, one-in-a-billion medium who could provide enough to allow intelligent two-way conversation.

Unfortunately the difficulties are tremendous and horrendous, not only regarding the actual division between physical (baryonic) matter and astral (dark) matter, there are also many personal challenges I have to work around, such as financial problems, physical problems, poor energy and other multiple hard-to-diagnose mental difficulties. One of the most distressing encountered is the overall lack of interest in communication, which to me seems just crazy, utterly unthinkable that such little interest in a subject so badly needed, especially by those facing death! So, here I am as I have been since the beginning of my interests in the afterlife, a voice in the wilderness.

Go here to learn more about the scientifically verifiable afterlife

May 2010 - Permanently Ban all Deep Sea Oil Drilling! - Back to Blog Index Page

U. S. government and B. P. are now snagged in the most devastating "technology trap" to ever occur. The worst oil spill in U. S. history threatens to destroy not only the livelihoods of everyone along the Gulf Coast, but also their health and sanity. And if all this were not bad enough, hurricane season starts around June 1st. Just one hurricane could blow vast amounts of oil inland and severely disrupt any further efforts to stop this horrific catastrophe, and because of global warming, the Atlantic ocean is now warmer than it has ever been, which could mean even larger and more numerous hurricanes.

If this well is never capped, it could last for decades, poisoning not only the entire Gulf of Mexico, but also the Atlantic and the entire coastline from Mexico to Florida to Canada.╩Deep sea oil drilling now scares the hell out of me, especially after seeing the kind of complex ROV technology one has to use to try to stem such a leak and especially after seeing just how much oil, gas and water pressure one has to contend with at those depths. Pictures of the oil and gas gushing out of those broken pipes deep underwater remind me of an evil gene gone mad unleashed to kill all that is good in the world. To mess with nature like this is╩completely╩unacceptable.

We need to permanently ban all deep sea oil drilling everywhere from now on, if this planet is to survive. I am following closely "progress" on capping this dangerous spill, but being constantly disappointed and increasingly concerned. If this catastrophe cannot be stopped, it could be the end of the world as we know it as vast amounts of vital natural ocean resources and coastal wetlands are completely destroyed forever. To begin with, I have always been dead against the production of and usage of petroleum (dirty) forms of fuel or energy anyway. Now this awful thing happens, underscoring one of the many devastating side-effects of fossil fuel extraction and usage I have been concerned about all along. So, naturally, I am╩doubly╩angry and will urge all petroleum consumers and government officials throughout the world to end this widespread and disgusting habit of depending too much on fossil fuels!

Go to this website to help with oil crisis

Discover how microbes can be used to eat and biodegrade spilt oil

May 2010 - Because it is Nearly Impossible to be any Healthier than the Environment We Live in, We are in Huge Trouble - Back to Blog Index Page

Ever wonder where all that plastic from old toys, used bottles, junk food packaging, pharmaceutical and medical waste, etc., goes to? Ocean land fills, storm drains, winds, etc., wash and blow tons of plastic bits and pieces out into the world's oceans. Most of this trash ends up in vast oceanic "gyres" where wind and currents eddy around and around a constant high pressure zone, and not all floats on the surface, some of it floats as far down as 30 meters. This catastrophe is immense and the damage to marine life permanent.

What I am trying to illustrate here is that the average materialistic lifestyle, what products we use, and how we dispose of them is critical to the health of the planet. Every day, I pick up large quantities of plastic in the streets and parking lots near where I live, knowing full well that this crap ultimately finds its way down the nearest storm drain and washes (or blows) out to sea to kill, choke or strangle the next bird, fish or turtle, etc., that happens to come across it. Some of the worse stuff is this white plastic "peanut" shaped packing material that blows around thousands of miles all the way to Antarctica and back.

Plastics come from petroleum, and knowing just how toxic and non-biodegradible most petroleum products are, from an ecological viewpoint, how unfortunate that oil was ever discovered and relied upon so heavily. Yes, the petroleum industry created many great advances in our way of life and the energy for transportation, however its toxicity and long history of careless means of extraction and transportation destroyed or permanently damaged many vital ecosystems such as the vital fisheries that once existed in the Gulf of Mexico and many others at the rate of at least one major oil spill per year.

One of the core reasons for such devastating effects on our delicate oceans and other areas of concern such as the vast destruction of the worlds forests, is overpopulation and the materialistic or sense-oriented ways of life. External forms of entertainment, consumerism, a heavy reliance on the automobile, junk, fast, and convenience food packaging and wrapping, mass agriculture, and consuming too much energy from non-renewable sources, and many other unwise decisions typical of the sensory bound lifestyle that I call materialism and unbridled sensuality is destroying this planet and endangering nearly every species on it.

It is vital that God (Spirit, wholeness, unselfish love, and correct eating) come first, otherwise what is one therefore doing? Most of the problems on this planet are caused by a poor understanding of one's true nature as being eternal and one with all life, meditating on pornography instead of God, ignoring Spirit, and incorrect eating; all resulting in a sense of separation and almost universal loneliness and longing that nothing external can ever fulfill. The universal separation from Self along with an incorrect and/or incomplete knowledge of and/or lack of interest in the╩awesome afterlife╩causes everyone to behave irrationally in one of the following ways: excessive greed, selfish intentions, manipulation, addiction to sensuality, drugs, alcohol, excessive smoking, or simply remain in what yogis call the "stupefied state" of consciousness which is a half-awake numbness, although functional, one is spiritually dead.

The Gulf Oil disaster video that BP and other oil corporations don't want you to see:

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Some of the consequences of consumerism

If we don't act now, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050

May 2010 - Gaia Raped by Greedy Oil Companies, Hemorrhages to Death - Back to Blog Index Page

This is the worst oil disaster I have ever known, all in the name of materialistic greed. This is a perfect example of the kind of consequences the evil effects of conventional energy extraction and use and overzealous profit hunger have on the delicate oceanic environment. Never mind global warming, when all the oceans are polluted with oil, it won't matter any more anyway. I have never known such frustration watching all the failed attempts to stop this unleashed genie of ecological death and how incredibly stupid it was to drill at such vast depths far beyond the safe limits of today's technological capability in the first place. Now science, like in so many science fiction movies, has unleashed a massive toxic monster into a watery world already beset by multiple ecological problems and extinctions. Obviously, desperately needed is alternative energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydrogen technology which could╩never╩create the immense, unforgivable catastrophe now occurring in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nearly every year there is a major oil spill somewhere in one of the world's oceans resulting in catastrophic environmental damage.╩This page╩provides a history of most of the major oil spills destroying the quality and productivity of the world's oceans.

April 2010 - America Can No Longer Afford the Drastic Consequences of Eating Junk Food - Back to Blog Index Page

According to David Walker, the Controller General of the United States, healthcare costs for retired baby boomers will bury the U.S. in such a deep financial hole, it could have catastrophic consequences. What is making healthcare expenses so high? The costs of pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, and other conventional medical needs caused by the modern-day American diet and the avoidance of health food supplements and alternative medicine.╩Go here╩to watch a video regarding the head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) David Walker who says that the U.S. economy is unsustainable and as the baby boomer generation begins to retire medicaid will destroy the economy.

April 2010 - How to Save 100's of Dollars in Groceries Per Month and Enjoy Perfect Health - Back to Blog Index Page

There is an amazing mineral formula consisting of three different mineral supplements that provides all the minerals that one needs, therefore making it much easier to require less food and enjoy more blissful, joyful states of high energy and well-being. However, one also needs to go off the "MAD" diet or modern American diet which I believe is creating tremendous spiritual, mental an physical health problems of all kinds.

Please study╩this page╩and╩this page╩and╩this page╩for more complete information.

April 2010 - How the MAD Way of Eating Supports the Pharmaceutical Giants - Back to Blog Index Page

The MAD (Modern American Diet) system of eating is undermining the very fabric of civilization. The mass distribution of junk food, alcohol, and pharmaceutical drugs is destroying the very moral structure of society while making it nearly impossible for those addictied to this junk to have a sense of right from wrong, and to have such qualities as virtue, honesty, loyalty, interest and support of the fine arts and sciences, pure unselfish love, charity and unbiased spirituality. It seems that all quality is being sacrificed on the altar of quantity. It seems that far more people than ever before inhabit the planet with far less spirituality, grace and intellect. I too, am having to struggle with many personal limitations from mysterious causes which I strongly suspect are not natural. Please╩go here╩to read the rest of this article.

March 2010 - An Alternative to Taxes, Expensive Health Insurance and a Crushed Economy - Back to Blog Index Page

Everyone seems to be struggling through this most difficult economy. Nearly half of the business in the same area where I work from my home for an office rental complex are struggling with their rent payments. I am also struggling just to keep my apartment, not because I am earning too little, it is because it is such a pricey area I live in, yet I am still expected to pay taxes on my income╩as if there was no rent to pay whatsoever! This situation is╩profoundly╩unfair! Expensive big-government taxation, inflation caused by massive amounts of fraud, basing the dollar on nothing, and banks going under, are a huge part of the overall economic problem.╩

Taxes are a nightmare for those like myself already struggling enough as it is just to make the rent and barely enough food to survive! There is an online tax revolt for anyone who feels the same way I do.╩It is extremely simple to join the tax revolt at:╩http://www.onlinetaxrevolt.com/march/╩By the way, it is not actually revolting against paying taxes, but against the present income tax system which is undermining the economy. The "Fair Tax" is the desperately needed alternative and the best and only hope for the future. We all need to join and support╩http://www.fairtax.org╩and petition the government to support HR25/S 25 which is a consumption tax in place of an income tax, saving╩massive╩amounts of costly paper work and tax compliance costs of over 300 billion dollars a year even before one thin dime in taxes is spent!

Health insurance is so high because of the vast inefficiencies of modern, artificial oriented medicine. Simply adding all the 74 minerals and trace elements back into everyone's diet could save massive medical costs for all people and make health insurance a 100 times less expensive.╩Of course, this would make healthcare available for everyone at one hundredth the cost. No matter how the U. S. government shifts expenses around, the cost of healthcare will continue to spin out of control until all essential whole foods, minerals and antioxidants are returned to everyone's diet. ╩

I was never able to afford health insurance. The severe depression and the other symptoms I had throughout my life, involved many, many doctors, counselors, etc., at great expense. The only ones who really seemed to help were the ones who were nature oriented "NDs" rather than "MDs." My whole system collapsed due to academic and general emotional stress, food sensitivities, digestive problems, adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems, and an overall lack of some of the 74 minerals we really all must have.╩By altering my diet toward a "stone-age" natural whole food diet, taking adrenal support, many vitamin supplements and all the minerals, I was, until taxes took away too much of my money, able to keep these horrible symptoms under control. Nothing medical could do anything like this.

Modern medicine "treats" mainly the symptoms with expensive surgeries and loads of costly toxic drugs rather than removing the cause with more "holistic" solutions involving simple, natural mineral, vitamin, antioxidant and herbal supplementation and correct eating. Because alternative and nutritional medicine is much more preventive, far less expensive and much more sensible than forcing patients to simply hide symptoms using pharmaceutical drugs with deadly side effects, or undergo dangerous surgery, health insurance should definitely cover alternative and preventive medicine, thereby helping to reduce overall costs instead of increasing them the way conventional medicine does.

A comprehensive video interview with Dr. Joel Wallach ND explains how most of the world's health problems and expenses can be eliminated simply by supplementing everyone with the complete number of all essential macro and trace minerals.

There are now far too many laws and regulations holding America back. They need to return to the gold standard and "rejuvenate" the constitution back to the actual needs of the individual at the "grassroots" level. All leaders must be spiritual, moral and just.

Please go to http://www.fairtax.org NOW and learn how the Fair Tax can save America and why 80 independent economists, 66 Senators and House Reps back the Fair Tax.

February 2010 - Egoistic Materialism is a Catastrophe - Back to Blog Index Page

Instead of providing vitally needed ways to connect with spirit, those who are successful tend to spend their money on spiritually useless material goods and "big ego" status symbols such as sports cars, multiple massive homes, huge private yachts, executive jet aircraft, etc. Materialistic living seems so bizarre and pointless to me. Living steeped in materialism is like running around as a chicken with its head cut off. I am appalled at the complacency combined with complete ignorance and lack of understanding of what "spiritual" really means. Only those who actually are "spiritual" understand the wholeness or oneness of all life and are fully aware of the consequences of their actions. Selfishness and greed results in the wasting of valuable resources and in dire need and poverty for many others, while selfless service and community love improves life for everyone.╩

Being cut off from one's most vital source of bliss, joy, inner beauty, divine love, afterlife communication, and natural ability of remote viewing and astral projection is everyone's most serious problem. Very few understand how serious this problem actually is, let alone know it even exists! I am painfully aware of this most distressful disconnectedness from Spirit and how this truly frightening ignorance of Spirit causes all the problems and afflictions of the world. Some ancient and stone age cultures were naturally connected with their inner Source, while some may still survive today, most of the world is now disconnected and had to invent artificial ways (such as religion) to "reconnect."╩

Fortunately we now have hundreds of recordings of souls who spoke through the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint and other mediums, giving their vital message that death is never actually the end to life, only a new beginning in realms like our own but without all the inconveniences, miseries and hardships Earth seems so full of. Along with the profound message of life eternal, is also the message of the importance of helping or serving others, especially those most in need, most desperate and most lonely. On Earth and in the finer realms is the illusion of many souls, many people, but in truth there is only one Soul or one Spirit that lives in all beings, so that when one serves others, they really are simply serving the Greater Self in others, and loosing one's self to this Greater Self, which really is the essence of spirituality, and the main way to evolve spiritually in true love and in true harmony with the universe.╩

I have encountered many cases throughout my life, and done less than what I actually could have done. I am no greater than any of the poor, homeless and needy that I have come across. I have been heart broken and sad over some of the things that I have seen, feeling so helpless or being too afraid to help, and worse of all, I have often felt quite needy myself and therefore could give very little to these unfortunate beings. However, if you happen to be much more fortunate than I am, by all means give of yourself whenever you can in the service of others not so fortunate as you. Even the little things can make a huge difference to another person. Just a smile to a stranger, or telling a friend or loved one how valuable he or she is being in your life. Say "I love you" more often and being kind and forgiving in more ways you normally would can set off a beautiful "domino" effect down from one individual to another. Almost everyone who experiences a near-death excursion into the afterlife comes back knowing just how essential it is to live in a state of loving others. Often they come back knowing that "love is the key."╩

Egoistic materialism is a catastrophe because there really is more than enough love, food, shelter, etc., to go around for everyone's real needs. However, as soon as too many get greedy, then things get scarce and start to run out. Because of egoistic materialism, things are far from equal. Obviously we need the incentive to earn and create wealth, but when less than 10% of the population owns 90% of the world's wealth, something is drastically wrong. These people could really be making a huge difference in the lives of the less fortunate, but they are simply hoarding everything for themselves. Materialism, atheism and egoism are three of the main evils of human existence. The absence of knowing there is an afterlife and a universal Spirit that eternally loves and takes care of us all creates huge problems in this world. The idea that we are all separate from each other instead of part of a universal Soul or Spirit causes man to compete with man, and all sorts of different governments, creeds and dogmas that try to eliminate each other.

Connect to the Reality of the Afterlife

February 2010 - The Consequences of Loving God and the Law of Abundance - Back to Blog Index Page

God emanates╩the reality of universal love, not a religion. What explains the consequences of loving God? What constitutes the Supreme Commandment? This commandment states a very powerful truth, the most powerful in fact, that is why it contains the word, "supreme."

The universal Spirit that dwells within knows everything about the person. Unconditional love of the universal spirit of God within one's self, in nature, and especially in others raises one's vibration and improves the status or state of one's being, which really constitutes the most important factor of all. One's quality of life depends on it.

Loving Spirit within one's self uplifts and rises one above the processes of life. One can enjoy a new perspective that love in the universe really controls everything rather than feel lonely, separated from Spirit, and a victim of circumstances. A wonderful and beautiful effect is reached.

Perhaps the most serious mistake adults make, involves closing off God's love, which in reality provides an all consuming and perfectly satisfying fulfillment. Such a state of consciousness naturally abides in the very young, yet it gradually disappears as one's responsibilities in the world grow and one's materialistic needs grow greater and greater. However, this innate knowledge restores itself with the essential help of correct eating and pure lifestyle.

Kindness and love return to those who's mind and heart habitually dwell in a sense of abundance, faith in goodness, and a love of God. This harmonious vibrational state tunes one in with a Universal Power that takes care of one's needs and frees one from having to relearn or go through unpleasant lessons that are no longer necessary for the development of the soul. One is gently guided through life by an inner intelligence and an outer connection with others that brings prosperity.

The end of 2012 hopefully brings in the year when more people than not finally realize that inner harmony of being brings wholeness to one's life. When more and more people realize this ancient truth, things start to change for the better in the world. More and more barriers will break down and wisdom will finally prevail. We have the choice: we can choose wisdom, acknowledgement and love of Spirit or fear and separation. Whatever path one chooses creates a whole new world around itself according to the vibrational influence of one's state of being.

God's love and the Law of Abundance