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What Are the Effects of Eating Plants Verses Eating Fruit and Eating Red Meat Verses Eating Fish, Eggs, Etc?

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Conscious Eating that May Reduce Ill Effects on Body and Soul

Sunday, 11-21-2004, Article 27 (Updated Tuesday, 8-11-2015)

Some Foods are Meant to be Eaten More than Other Foods

I am continuing to do research on diet. I am looking into the effects of eating plants verses eating fruit and eating red meat verses eating fish, eggs, etc.

Regarding the vegetable kingdom, I think we know already that nature much prefers one to eat fruit and fruit products as compared to plants and plant parts which often tend to contain more poisonous substances than just fruit. When I talk about fruit and fruit products I mean tomatoes, cucumber, squash, peppers, etc. as well as the usual apples and oranges, etc. as opposed to beets, celery, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, etc. which would be eaten in smaller amounts but in greater variety. I believe eating fruit, nuts, seed, eggs, etc. should have fewer negative karmic consequenses than eating a living, growing plant which has been proven by many researchers in the 20th century to have its own energy field that reacts (consciously?) to human emotions and thoughts.

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I would not pay much attention to these destinctions if it where not for the actual effects I get after eating certain vegetables as oposed to certain fruits. I do often feel more comfortable eating some tomatoes and cucumber than I would eating the same weight in just beets, celery, lettuce or carrots. For your interest, carrots contain carotoxin, a nerve poison, and many vegetables, especially soft, aging celery sticks, contain various toxins up to a hundred times greater than common insecticide residues! However, I am definitely not saying we stop eating carrots and other vegetables altogether, just have smaller amounts of each in much larger variety so that the outstanding benefits of every vegetable and herb complement one another while all the different toxins that might naturally exist simply cancel each other out.

Plants often contain toxic substances (along with beneficial ones) to protect themselves from pests and other preditors but have little or no reason to manufacture poisons in fruit especialy because of the fact that the propagation of plant species is greatly enhanced when insects and animals eat their fruit, are nourished by their fruit and come back for more! Humans go a step further through extensive cultivation of those plants that bear the least toxic, most nourishing and tastiest fruit.

Carefully used herbal medicines and tonics in moderation are of great benefit and greatly needed for wholeness and spirituality. Plants wisely used in moderation for their proper purposes can even have positive karmic consequences. However, wanton, senseless destruction of plants, trees, etc. would, in my opinion, only have negative consequences.

Because the long-term consequences to one's health of avoiding all vegetables, herbs, etc. and just eating fruit could easily result in starvation, it is unfortunately imperative for one's survival to also consume plants. Yet, comparatively speaking, eating vegetables would have far fewer negative karmic consequences for you than to go kill a four-legged fury animal (having emotional feelings and signs of awareness) and then eat that! A big factor however is why and how one kills a life form. If one is desperate for food for survival and has no choice but to kill and eat something, then the consequences of that situation may not be as bad as the event of simply killing an animal for sport. And again, it is far better to be as fast and merciful as possible rather than cause any fear and/or unnecessary suffering which would be far worse. If one's health would otherwise suffer from not eating beef, lamb or pork, then one may have "sinned" less than those who ate that sort of meat soley for the pleasure of eating it while not having any real need for it.

Because meat eating is so widespread in western cultures where the actual need for red meat for desperate survival is virtually nil, a vast group of people may have to face certain karmic consequences for this unnecessary consumption of red meat during their lifetime especially when such animals supplying the meat were treated poorly and/or cruely and especially if the environment had been damaged in the process of raising them.

The consequences of eating mammalian meat (red meat, beef, lamb, pork, whale, etc.) depend on the various circumstances that led to eating such food in the first place. What eventually happens to meat eaters here on Earth and to their life the hearafter depends on the extent the meat is actually essential or unavoidable. Most meat eaters and butchers naturally tend not to be concerned about conscience and consequences, otherwise their means of livelihood would be very different. They often rationalize their horrific way of life as being "well meat was what I was raised on" and "the animals we slaughter are dumb, sensless creatures anyway."

It could be that when they pass over into the existence after death, they might have to come face to face and apologize to all these highly sensitive creatures they had eaten and/or slaughtered or treated badly in any way! The animating principle of every mammalian speicies never dies and live on in various higher vibrations of existence long after the killing. All events and their effects are recorded and remain for thousands of years in the auric atmosphere of the earth. Nothing is inconsequential. I sure would hate to find myself in a field of astral cows after a lifetime as a butcher! Think this is not true? For more information on the afterlife, go here.

Most yogis know that one's spiritual life force gets contaminated with negative influences if one eats read meat and all gurus never allow their chelas or initiated followers to eat red meat. Sometimes they go so far as to not allow eggs either.

While still quite young and up the age of 14, I did eat occasional steaks and enjoyed hamburgers every week simply because that was what my mother prepared and what my dad cooked for breakfast every morning. Things went very strange in those days, and I noticed a great feeling of foreboding and anxiety after eating read meat or a pad of grilled hamburger. One day after eating a steak I again had a very strange feeling of death and doom and after that meal tried never again to eat any more red meat. This feeling gave me the impression that I took on the feelings of the animal somehow.

All things considered, I believe it is rarely necessary for anyone to require red meat and to have to require protein, etc. from the carcass of any living, breathing mammal. Many peoples throughout the world can easily live entirely on protein sources such as eggs, rice and beans, nuts and seed, algae, dairy, etc. with no danger to health, only good side effects such as greater endurance and longer life. Unfortunately however, there are many individuals (most often caucasians) who still seem to need to eat some form of meat at least once or twice a week or they get into (sometimes serious) trouble with their health, vitality, digestion, appetite and emotions. Any individuals in this category who are on the spiritual path still need not and should not ever eat red meat. However if one still has to eat something like meat, it might be far better for all concerned to include eggs and small fish in the diet instead which contain essential fatty acids, vitamin A, D, and other vital nutrients for the body, brain and eyes.

Yet commercially raised eggs may still not be a good solution because of all the confirmed reports of horrific animal cruelty associated with the raising of millions of hens crammed into tiny cages throughout numerous environmentally disastrous factory farms and the collection of their eggs on a vast scale. Even many of the so called "cage free" eggs are from chickens crammed into tiny spaces with only a tiny "back yard" they are allowed to wander into once in a while. There is also the risk of salmonella from some of these "factory farmed" eggs which are often also pumped up with hormones and antibiotics.

Pasteurized milk is another disaster. The average carton of milk often comes from cows that are milked to death, while the milk itself is often contaminated with hormones and antibiotics while lacking in certain vital enzymes, essential fatty acids, and a vitamin K2 that shows up only in milk from grass-fed cows raised out on a pasture. Most cows today are instead treated like milk machines pumped full of drugs and crammed together in booths and not allowed any freedom.

I would NEVER recommend commercial milk to anyone ever, except maybe if it is raw and comes from grass-fed, healthy and happy animals. Many people don't have the enzymes to properly digest milk. For digestion, clabbered milk, kefir or yogurt would be far better, but the milk proteins in these fermented "health foods" can also cause serious immune system difficulties resulting in symptoms of inflammation such as headaches, neck aches, joint and back pain and even lead to or exasperate various chronic degenerative diseases such as arteriosclerosis, arthritis, and cancer. Most of the milk you find in the supermaket never comes from happy animals any more anyway, and unless we are calfs not yet weened from their mother, we should NOT be drinking milk or eating any form of milk or cheese, etc! As a result of seeing all the health problems associated with dairy products, I believe we humans are definitely not meant to or designed to digest milk intended for other species!

I take very seriously whatever the spirits of the afterlife say regarding the eating of meat verses vegetarianism. Listen to what Brother John said through the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint about vegetarianism at Brother John states that giving up meat may take more than one generation. Those who grew up on a meat based diet may have to stay that way throughout the rest of one's life. However, one's children should be fed only a healthy and well balanced vegetarian diet including nuts, seed, legumes, wholegrains, eggs, protein powders, chlorella, spirulina, pasture grazed butter, cod liver oil, and some food grade yeast.

While on the spiritual path, and when one's physical constitution requires or calls for some form of meat one has to constantly face a tough decision. I have agonized over my body's need for some form of meat for a very long time. I have tried everything I can think of to avoid eating even the simplest froms of animal life such as fish by consuming cheese, chlorella, nuts, seed, yogurt, legumes, etc. Being dairy intolerant makes going without meat even more of a challenge and I definitely did not get along well with cheese!

For some individuals such as myself, all sorts of problems came up without going back to at least some form of meat such as fish, chicken and/or turkey every once in a while. So it seemed that at least once a week I needed to eat fish, chicken and/or turkey or suffer from some setbacks, especially if my "vegetarian" diet did not contain a rather broad selection of super food green, algae rich powders, soy beans, nuts and seed. I tried to stick to the smaller fish such as sardines rather than the larger fish such as tuna which accumulate more heavy metals and other toxins. Sardines are well-known for their great health benefits and longevity factors. And the consequences of eating simpler creatures probably tend to be less complex than eating larger and possibly more conscious, complex, feeling creatures.

The following scale is what I now believe the best way to describe each effect of eating a certain type of food. In brackets is a description of the kind of chemicals released into the body of the one who eats them. Also the consquences will vary according to the situation as to how and why the life form was killed and how self-aware the animal was at time of passing:

Fruit - best karmic consequences (most cases almost no toxins)
Nuts & Seed - neutral karmic consequences (minimal toxins)
Wholegrains - neutral karmic consequences (minimal toxins)
Milk Products - neutral to negative karmic consequences (environmental toxins)
Eggs - neutral to negative karmic consequences (maybe some stress hormones)
Plants - slightly negative karmic consequences (plant toxins and stress hormones)

----------------------- TRY NOT TO CROSS THIS LINE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Small Fish - minor karmic consequences depending on actual need to eat this form of protein (small amounts of environmental toxins, and possible stress hormones)
Large Fish - minor to moderate karmic consequences depending on actual need to eat this form of protein (environmental toxins, heavy metals, and possibly some stress, anxiety and death hormones)
Fowl - minor to moderate karmic consequences depending on actual need to eat this form of protein (environmental toxins, stress, anxiety, panic and death hormones)

----------------------- DO NOT CROSS THIS LINE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

FORBIDDEN: All evolved mammals, such as pigs, sheep, cattle, and especially whales and dolphins are capable of love, consciousness and emotions - very, very serious karmic consequences if hunted or slaughtered (environmental toxins, stress, anxiety, severe panic and death hormones)

In conclusion, with the exception of the regular consumption of cruelty-free eggs, I believe the most ideal diet would be a vegan diet, but ONLY under the following conditions:

1) As long as the diet is enriched with a full spectrum of all vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, adaptogenic herbs, seaweed, and all 75 macro minerals and trace elements needed by the body.

2) As long as one avoids all drugs, junk food, health-damaging, sugary food and all commercially produced breads and cereals. Avoid common mistatke of eating too much health-damaging carbohydrates and sugars such as dried fruit, honey and syrups!

3) As long as one includes mainly a vast variety of preagricultural "forest" food such as nuts, seed, berries, pollens, nonpoisonous fungi, food grade yeast, kombucha, herbs, pine bark extracts, algae, black and red legumes, and soy bean curd ferments.

4) As long as one never restricts the intake of naturally present, plant-based, whole food saturated and unsaturated fats such as those present in nuts, seed and avocadoes which provide a steady source of energy throughout the day without the need to snack.

5) As long as one can get fresh, organic, whole eggs from local, cruelty-free, happy, healthy, free-roaming hens, eggs would be an ideal food. Naturally produced eggs are the best tasting ever and provide a perfectly balanced, complete protein and vital cholesterol needed by the body to produce hormones.


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