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Blog 2013 - Let's Help Create a Better Future! Seek Wholeness First!

The main mistake of humankind is trying to find happiness outside one's self in external situations and material things instead of within the heart or spirit through correct eating, herbs, divine love, chastity and hours of daily concentration on Spirit in meditation.

The result of the general human population ignoring its own true nature as infinite, eternal inner love, joy and fulfillment results in a long history of catastrophic problems such as wars, pollution, poverty, crime, murders, natural disasters, financial disasters, famine, and terrible diseases.

Strong negative emotions such as greed, lust, envy, hate, grief, aversion and fear cause confusion, darkness and misery. It is of paramount importance to balance emotions and seek only the deepest levels of wholeness possible to create a far more beautiful future.

June 2013 - What? A One-Star Review for my E-book, "Seven Steps to Wholeness"? - Back to Blog Index Page

I was truly astonished to find a one-star review on my most essential and most important publication, "Seven Steps to Wholeness" so I wrote the following letter and comments in response to that "one-star rating" paragraph written by someone who calls himself "Max" and who obviously did not properly read or understand what "Seven Steps to Wholeness" is really all about. His post is the second review (by "Max") at my Amazon.com listing where it says, "Viewers, do not fall into the attractive Table of Contents of this books preview, it is a Warning" here:

Seven Steps to Wholeness

Here is my letter written to "Max" in response to his review of my work:

My dear friend, I am trying to reach you, but so far you have not responded. I can't find any information from your anonymous, faceless profile either, so how can I reach you?

Again, "Seven Steps to Wholeness" definitely does not deserve a one-star review, not by a long shot! It would have to be either too short (like less than 20 pages), not represent the title at all, or be very hard to read or very poorly written, completely irrelevant or with none of the information covered in my synopsis. Yet none of these shortcomings apply to my work.

Most of the things you said in your review are either simply not true or could easily be construed as a negative twist of many of the most positive aspects of my book. It seems as though you took some of the better attributes of my publication and warped them into negative attributes. If you put a shoe on backwards, of course it won't fit!

I am beside myself after reading this:

"i was seriously expecting this book to be the last resort of my research to shift to a perfect light diet that would help me be in perfect health by eating less, eating only required minerals that my body needs."

This is exactly what the first half of the book explains in great detail! How did you miss it?

Again I am beside myself:

"...most of the things he is talking about is all found on internet, aloe Vera and all health product websites."

This book was based on my own very challenging life-long experiences, observations and experiments, and then written entirely in my own words. Of course nearly any subject, food or substance anyone writes about is bound to be found on the internet! So what was the point of saying that Max? In fact I would HOPE that ALL the products that I mentioned can be found on the internet, making it easier for my beloved readers to find out more about these essential health products and obtain them.

In your review you said,

"i thought author would just list all what i should eat in breakfast, lunch & dinner and provide list of all the ingredients i must add to make the liquid food..."

yet the first half of the book went into great and lengthy detail on how to and why one would do just those things, including the correct way to fast between meals, etc. and then how to apply the list of food, supplements, etc. to create a liquid diet which should not, especially at first, be 100% of your diet.

Then you wrote,

"...seems you yourself need a lot of studies on this subject."

What a great thing for you to say after I nearly died (and I contemplated suicide many times) from multiple symptoms of devastating food related illness, severe depression, agoraphobia and anxiety and then pretty much on my own over many decades of time had to struggle my way out of this dire situation. Out of dire necessity, I dedicated my entire life to this subject of food, nutrition and spiritual wholeness.

"his name us "Russell Symonds" & he has nicked himself a "Yogi Shaktivirya", are you joking? tagging yourself as a "YOGI" and talking about stuffs found on internet and wasting peoples time."

I am utterly dedicated to learning how to be a real yogi, Max, so perhaps calling myself "Yogi Shaktivirya" is a little premature, but all my life I live a pure, God-centered lifestyle, transmute celibacy, and live to serve others while enjoying the amazing pleasures of the inner Spirit. Those who's time gets wasted while reading my knowledge is most likely not ready for the information I give them. And by the way, the internet has become so vast these days, anything not found on the internet may not even exist!

"...do you even know what "YOGI"'s really are mr. russell? they fast for years without eating anything! and in the book you talk about "People dying" if they do not take enough minerals..."

I sure HOPE I mentioned "people dying" from dietary imbalances such as a lack of minerals! And some people trying to live entirely without food need to be warned about all the dangers and hazards! It is vital to make such a transition to all pranic nourishment gradual, if at all! This is not to say there are no breatharians, just that there is so much to understand and master regarding such a drastic transition. Really and truly my friend, you should only seek wholeness first, not the idea of fasting for years without eating anything!

"i did not get what i was expecting from this book & i left reading the book after reading half of it as author seemed to be stretching short things too long and never spoke to the point of what one should it and don't eat in a list."

From this statement, it seems that not only did you not read the second half of my book (just as essential as the first half) but you also did not read the first half! I have no idea how you missed all the lists I carefully put down in my book to help my readers understand everything they need to choose from.

Everything you wrote about regarding my book seems like a deliberate bias toward the negative with no actual or substantial reasons. When you write reviews of author's books, please don't let your emotions bias your judgement.

You also wrote, "sad i spent money on this book." and you did not get a refund yet?

All the best and many blessings to you, Russell

I have to say the internet can be a very hostile place, especially to affiliate publishers and writers of books that are extremely significant in ways very few seem to fully comprehend or appreciate. What little money I do manage to raise for my vital research is always offset by consequences. Google has trashed my number one position on keyword, "wholeness" and now I am barely hanging by a thread of traffic. My website continues to undergo many cyber attacks (hack attempts) every day, especially on student holidays, and from IP addresses throughout all parts of the world. I try to track them down and inform the authorities. It is very, very sad that someone with only the intent to help this world be a better place for everyone, is to constantly be up against individuals who seem to have nothing better to do than make life miserable for everyone else (and ultimately themselves) for such negative people will definitely reap what they sow.

April 2013 - Acidic Diets Cause Nearly All Our Problems - Back to Blog Index Page

Some of the most difficult health challenges ever encountered can be fully understood and solved by understanding the principles of biochemistry, pH balance and the minerals that regulate biochemical balance. The body needs more than 75 different minerals and trace elements for optimal health, yet most people are only getting a small handful of these minerals at best along with too much of the heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead and many other toxic substances as industrial pollution spreads into our air, food, and water supplies. Healthy crops also need a vast variety of different minerals and rich, fertile, living soil for their proper growth and creation of food that fully nourishes the human being.

Unfortunately, commercial farming methods do just the opposite: the misguided zealot farmers feed their crops with nitrate fertilizers and a very limited number of minerals such as phosphorous and potassium. This disastrous practice may yield huge crops, but most of their chemical fertilizers wash off into the local water tables, rivers and oceans, resulting in vast amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous pollution causing oceanic dead zones and other serious consequences.

The fruits may be large, and the cobs may be thick and plentiful, but all such products are nearly tasteless and subject to all manner of plant diseases and insect infestations. But no problem, they simply spray them with more pesticides and more recently, systemic pesticides and plant insect resistant GMO's that kill off some of our most essential pollinators such as honey bees while dramatically reducing biodiversity.

The other absurdity that happens is in the arena of human health, disease and the crazy methods of "treatment" by chemicals that don't belong inside anyone's body which only cover up the symptom instead of treating the underlying cause of the problem in the first place. Not surprisingly, there is a massive epidemic of all manner of degenerative diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, back problems, tooth decay, osteoporosis, alzheimer's, etc. that are still considered impossible to cure using conventional drugs with all their terrible side-effects.

Instead of boosting one's pH with vitally needed correct combination and ratios of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, molybdenum, iodine, chromium, selenium, manganese, and at least 64 other macro minerals and trace elements while boosting one's daily vitamin D intake, cancer for example, continues to be treated with draconian and deadly methods such as "cut, burn and poison" while the common joint and bone problems of arthritis and spinal degeneration that comes with old age continues to be treated only with pain killers! I am also shocked to find people taking only calcium and magnesium supplements when there are probably another 73 minerals needed by the bones, and then they wonder why the calcium does not work?!

The human body is not meant to be a mechanical device that can by "mended" by amputating various diseased or "defective" parts and replacing them, nor is it something that is designed to be "fixed" by cutting it open and then altering or messing around with the structures inside of it. The fully self-healing, self-repairing body is not meant or designed to be replaced by artificial pumps, organs, joints, screws, etc. It is a living biochemical structure that acts as a whole system where all its cells, components, etc. act in perfect harmony and are utterly interdependent.

In other words, the body knows how to heal itself and regain homeostasis if constantly fed only healing whole foods and antioxidant formulas. Free radical toxins (substances consisting of atoms missing electrons) and the long term insidious and corrosive effects from eating too many acid-forming foods (devoid mainly of alkaline minerals) are some of the main causes of "old age" and all of the degenerative diseases strongly associated with old age. There are countless naturally present antioxidant foods and naturally prepared supplements known to humanity that can really help the body to heal itself on a holistic level and rejuvenate cells no matter what age one is at.

With this information, full-spectrum healing of nearly any problem and nearly any disease can come to pass. In other words, just about any disease or disorder can be completely eliminated or at least significantly alleviated by following this unique alkaline mineral/antioxidant diet, a powerful "liquidarian" diet, and the healing benefits of alkaline water fasting between meals instead of snacking.

It is important to realize that the human body can never be nourished by solids alone, but only by solids dissolved in liquids! To ensure proper digestion, it is essential that if any and all nutrients are to be fully absorbed by the body, they must all be completely dissolved in water by mixing most of the food we eat in a blender with some form of juice or seed milk. Water, (preferably alkalized, ionized water) is the most essential aspect of good health, which is vital to not only transport all nutrients to every cell in the body, but is also needed by every cell in the body to eliminate or transport wastes out of the body.

Mental hygiene is just as vital to one's quality of life as one's choice of food and other internal consumption. It is just as important to avoid wasting one's precious time on absorbing too much of the mental garbage so widely available on TV, internet, magazines, etc. as it is to eat and drink correctly. Horror movies, sex and violent films are never uplifting spiritually and keep one from feeling close to God's nurturing vibrations of pure love.

It is far better to focus mainly on positive ideas of abundance, joy, love and good will toward others instead of negative, violent, paranoid, or fearful thinking. One's time would be far better spent mastering the "law of attraction" through meditation, abiding in unconditional love, and correct understanding of the true nature of reality, mind, emotions and consciousness.

As a result of my life-long journey from great suffering to greater inner knowing, I now enjoy such perfect, absolutely blissful health in every cell of my body, it is beyond description! One's personal life can be a wonderful and fulfilling adventure as long as one's heartfelt emotions of unconditional love and deep appreciation are always present. How one habitually thinks and feels, if greatly improved through the correction of one's biochemistry and meditation on one's ideal happiness, can remove or dissolve negative situations while starting to attract great and wonderful opportunities, relationships and situations into your life.

To help you along on this journey toward wholeness, I wrote a book regarding the immense benefits and/or potential of alkaline water fasting, liquid diets, bioplasmic energy or prana, breatharianism, conservation and transmutation of libido, relationship of consciousness to cosmology, law of attraction, astral projection and samadhi. All these subjects will be deeply interwoven into the fabric of this most fascinating seven-step journey toward blissful wholeness and spiritual awakening.

Imagine living in bliss and unconditional love like never previously experienced! It is possible by using this information to find enlightenment and live in happiness, perfect health and abundant energy by following the principles outlined in this book.

In conclusion: imagine living in bliss and unconditional love like never previously experienced! It is possible by using this information to find enlightenment and live in happiness, perfect health and abundant energy by following the principles outlined in this book.

For more information on this most essential and vital health subject, look up: 7 Steps to Wholeness (Updated March 30, 2013 - and more recently in 2023)

March 2013 - We Are All Doomed Unless We Do this One Vital Thing - Back to Blog Index Page

Because of seemingly endless, incredible greed, sense-bound materialism, and stupidity, the natural world is dying a long and horrible death. For example, the corral reefs, providing natural habitats for countless marine life are deteriorating. The coral reefs are dying because oceans are growing increasingly acidic as they try to absorb more and more Co2. 90% of the fish have already been removed due to generations of overfishing. There is also an ever growing problem with plastic pollution causing gigantic floating garbage sites in every ocean such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is twice the size of Texas. Even worse, the ice caps are disappearing while oceans are rising causing islands in the pacific to flood over during storms and to be inundated by salty water where there used to be only fresh water.

The vital lungs of the Earth are being sawed off; millions of acres of sacred old growth forests are clear-cut all around the world by lumber companies who have no idea the long-term devastation and grief they are causing. Thousands and thousands of vital herbs and vital plant species are being lost every day to the utterly irresponsible use of fire to clear land for more beef, sugar cane, palm oil, and tobacco. The global loss of deep forests and plants is devastating not only on a vast scale, but also on a subtle level as more and more immune system enhancing pollens and spiritually uplifting fragrances disappear from Gaia's atmosphere. Mother Earth's atmosphere was only a few hundred years ago extremely pure, clear and fragrant, full of life, energy, zest, and prana. Unfortunately this beautiful atmosphere is slowly fading away into a horrible soup of toxic soots, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane gases, and nuclear "fallout" waste from blown-out nuclear reactors.

Housing and the land for it to exist on is becoming harder and harder to find, while fossil fuel prices keep going up and up through the roof. The planet's atmosphere is becoming more and more depleted of vital, life-giving oxygen because of the existence of more and more gas-guzzling vehicles, coal-burning factories, and filthy-air creating electrical generation plants.

Even the global economy is collapsing because of ever increasing shortages of natural resources, mineral rich, fertile lands, and natural, whole organic health-giving food. Even all sorts of metals are becoming rarer and rarer as the earths crust is being over mined, destroying vast areas of natural habitat and vital forests. Stimulus packages, bank bail-outs, printing more money and increasing taxes will only temporarily patch the problem at best and greatly exasperate the problem further down the time-track. As the U. S. dollar finally loses its global value as a major currency, massive inflation will cause a tusnami of financial destruction throughout America and the rest of the world.

These and many related problems are only going to get worse and worse until their single and most obvious underlying cause is properly addressed. If not addressed in an intelligent manner, then all hell will eventually break loose as entire economies collapse and billions of people start food shortage riots and become severely ill from not having enough clean water to drink. Also rising oceans will inundate millions and millions of square miles of heavily populated low-lying land.

Unfortunately, these and similar problems are never or only rarely treated at the level of their underlying cause. Like the doctor who prescribes only drugs to cover up the patient's symptoms, the underlying cause is often ignored or just "pasted over" to only come up again as even more serious disease further down the road. Governments around the world typically work this way, and wonder why the problem or problems only escalate into something else even more awful and far-reaching.

OBVIOUSLY Nearly all the world's problems and shortages, etc. are caused by the ridiculously high rate at which human beings are reproducing. As humans begat children, and then their children begat even more children, and so onÉ populations throughout the poorest nations on Earth skyrocket exponentially resulting in multitudes of people lost in dire poverty, starving, and suffering all manner of horrible diseases. This insanity must stop, and it must stop now!!!

The best way I know of to prevent overpopulation is to practice a lifetime of celibacy or some form of transmuted sexual expression that avoids the loss of vital sexual fluid. Unfortunately, no one seems to be able to control their impulses, and it can be rather challenging to educate everyone well-enough as to why and how to redirect and transmute sexual impulses for a higher expression. Convincing enough people of the the amazing benefits of living a pure, Spirit-centered lifestyle simply would be impossible for the vast majority of sense-bound humanity to follow, let alone fully comprehend. The only other alternative is some form of birth control, however MOST UNFORTUNATELY some of the largest religious organizations in the world unrealistically condemn birth control as being a "sin" or somehow against the commandment of God, "Be fruitful and multiply."

Our situation is similar to a crowded life boat in the middle of an oceanic universe. Here we have a tiny boat being tossed and turned by the mighty waves of an infinite ocean, and then some people aboard this tiny boat decide to do what? Create more children?! "Oh yeh, there's plenty more room on the boat!" Then obviously as more and more children are being created, the boat gradually gets more and more unstable or top heavy, while the water level all around it goes higher and higher, until one day, a critical tipping point is reachedÉ capsizing the boat with all of humanity drowning inside it, simply because too many individuals had participated in the process of creating too many children far too soon. Similarly, global warming will cause the oceans to rise and flood all our coastal towns and cities where most of the world's population has and will continue to reside in ever-increasing numbers.

Populations should only produce enough children to replace those who have died, and not a smidgen more! Obviously, all women around the world need fast and easy access not only to all methods and means of birth control, but also education and self-empowerment both spiritually and economically. They all need to be given the right to choose whether or not to create more children, as too many mothers are locked in a terrible and vicious cycle of dire poverty, lack of education, and no access to birth control whatsoever and other reproductive health services.

To get an even greater perspective on the true nature of the challenges we are facing, please read my book, Global Warning - A Message to Humanity

Please support Population Connection which is a non-profit organization supporting the only way we can ever hope to get out of this mess.

March 2013 - The Challenges Are Immense - Back to Blog Index Page

All my life I have been trying to find and connect with Spirit or the pure and perfect Self within. My quest for wholeness involved a lifetime of deep research, deep thinking, experimentation with all manner of spiritual diets, fasting, transmutation, meditation and writing about all that I learned on various websites. At the same time, I tried to do all I could to support and protect trees, plants, animals and anything to do with nature. To meditate (in samadhi) in a garden surrounded by trees and shrubs is my idea of heaven on Earth.

Unfortunately, many negative influences kept getting in my way such as severe depression, chronic fatigue, severe anxiety and terrible agoraphobia. I am still not sure what caused all these set-backs. Evil spirits? Bad genes? Toxic chemicals? Heavy metals? Electromagnetic pollution? Chronic bullying? I don't know, but it would most likely have to be caused by a combination of all of the above.

Also, circumstances beyond my control forced me to move three times and get stuck in an apartment where they kept jacking up the rent nearly a hundred dollars a year, forcing me into a losing financial battle and a fight for physical survival. Being agoraphobic, I found moving to be extremely stressful and terrifying too. I often had to skip meals and fast for several days on mineral water to save enough money to pay the astronomical rent! Terrible depression and anxiety from previous years kept coming back to haunt me. That meant I had to keep going over my diet again and again until I got it just right.

Unfortunately the cost of my diet went way over my limited budget. I was extremely annoyed by all of these problems because all I really wanted was simply to find Goddess and live a spiritual life. To my great annoyance, everyone else in my apartment complex seemed to just want to party and have fun. A quiet night was a rare gift. I just wanted a quiet place to transmute physical desires into bliss, meditate deeply and hopefully leave the body at least long enough to make some vital communication with my spirit guides to get the answers I desperately needed all along.

I wanted to have nothing to do with the physical world where I felt very lonely and isolated because everyone seemed so materialistic and sophisticated in ways that really made me feel a lot like an idiot. I hated socializing unless it was for a spiritual purpose. I always found it difficult to understand money and how to earn it, and actually wanted to have nothing to do with competition for survival. It all seemed so pointless.

All I wanted to achieve was to become spiritually advanced enough to be able to see and communicate with my Divine Mother or Goddess. I long to dwell in Spirit where there is love, bliss, realization and transcendence beyond all the frustrating and dangerous limitations of the physical world. I am not at all interested in the "3D world." In fact I hate it, because all my physical needs, frustrating limitations, problems, etc. simply get in my way.

As if all of the above were not bad enough, I now owe thousands of dollars in back taxes on money that was unavoidably and completely used up on rent and food, therefore I continue to remain in a massive predicament. So what do taxes have to do with Spirit? Absolutely nothing, and when one fully realizes one is in essence absolutely infinite Spirit or infinite "nothing" or "oneness" such a phenomenon cannot be taxed in any way whatsoever. I recently saw an image somewhere that said the body is the temple of God, therefore it must be tax exempt!

All my problems seem so utterly unnatural and unjust compared to who I really am, which is Infinite or Unbounded Love or Spirit. I was called various names by other people, but that is not who I really am. Luckily I can sense inner peace; I can feel immense wholeness within my self: that I am Spirit and have no end to the massive abundance deep within. Spirit is the only real joy and strength I have.

In order to raise more money for my all-important research to connect with Spirit and the afterlife, I recently wrote 21 ebooks for Kindle. Some of these texts you can download for free if you have Amazon Prime.

Books on Kindle by Russell Symonds (Yogi Shaktivirya)