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Blog 2011 - Let's Help Create a Better Future! Seek Wholeness First!

The main mistake of humankind is trying to find happiness outside one's self in external situations and material things instead of within the heart or spirit through correct eating, herbs, divine love, chastity and hours of daily concentration on Spirit in meditation.

The result of the general human population ignoring its own true nature as infinite, eternal inner love, joy and fulfillment results in a long history of catastrophic problems such as wars, pollution, poverty, crime, murders, natural disasters, financial disasters, famine, and terrible diseases.

Strong negative emotions such as greed, lust, envy, hate, grief, aversion and fear cause confusion, darkness and misery. It is of paramount importance to balance emotions and seek only the deepest levels of wholeness possible to create a far more beautiful future.

June 2011 - A New Website for Science of Wholeness! - Back to Blog Index Page

A new website for Science of Wholeness has been created. It is now thoroughly complete, very large, (more than one hundred pages) and continuing to grow rapidly. It has much easier access to all the material from the old site. Go here for a new, vaster, and much easier access to the essential knowledge that brings wholeness, but I am not abandoning the old or original site. Instead, I will continue to update and combine it with the new one.

March 2011 - This Blog Now Extended to Other Pages - Back to Blog Index Page

You can find my latest original articles and comments on HubPages, Squidoo, and on FaceBook, Realms of the Afterlife Group and Alternative Healing For Anxiety. Links to all these sites can be found in the upper menu section situated at the top of this page. As you can see, I have many new pages to follow up on and to maintain! May everyone's life be richly blessed with love, excitement and laughter! This is possible when aligned with Spirit.

March 2011 - I Cannot Tolerate Religious Intolerance - Back to Blog Index Page

By the way, did anyone see the news reports regarding that radical fundamentalist "Christian" preacher, Terry Jones who burned the Holy Book of the Koran?

This blatant display of religious intolerance is beyond my comprehension! All religious texts are sacred regardless of what nation of people or culture(s) associated with them. This narrow minded, bigoted action of burning sacred holy scriptures that are loved and valued by another religious group while triggering the violent deaths of many innocent people in Afghanistan is beyond my understanding! Terry Jones' extremely restricted belief system and his aggressive, public displays of intolerance against another religion that he mistakenly feels is responsible for terrorism will obviously cause him extreme difficulties in the afterlife.

Even the vast majority of Muslims condemn terrorism! To associate the peace loving teachings of the Koran with terrorism simply because many terrorists in recent history happened to be "Muslim" is a serious misappropriation. Many "Christians" throughout history also killed millions of innocent people; but that fact only means, like the terrorists, they did not follow the main teachings of their own religion properly, which is to never kill or harm another human being and to instead love one another wholeheartedly.

Not one religion is any better than any other religion. It is just as wrong for an extreme radical Muslim to publicly burn a Christian Bible as an act of hatred or malice against what others love and hold dear. Any act or expression of hatred and intolerance regardless of what religion only creates more hatred and intolerance, as was proven by what Terry Jones triggered in Afghanistan!

The universe is a mirror: what you put out is what you get back! There are no exceptions, this truth regarding the infallible and inescapable law of karma (cause and effect) is an absolute fact. There is already far too much hatred and misery in this world; how stupid it is to perpetuate more of it! it is extremely sad, because such behavior only perpetuates the violent historic cycles of physical and emotional pain. What goes around, comes around!

Real Christianity is the unconditional love of all humanity, regardless of heritage, religion, nationality, or culture. A real Christian follows the supreme commandment, to love God with all one's heart, mind and strength and to love thy neighbor as thyself, regardless of where that neighbor lives or what religion he or she holds dear to her sacred heart. The more one dwells in the state of unconditional love for every moment and situation, the more joyful and blessed one's life becomes. Where there is great love, there are great miracles!

January 2011 - The Inner Universe - Back to Blog Index Page

You are the YOU-niverse! You are a brilliant star illuminating your universe with your own consciousness. The most vital faucet of reality is the unlimited, unbounded consciousness behind our closed eyes. Higher Consciousness, God or Spirit provides access to all the astral worlds, all the mental worlds, all the celestial planes and even the physical world but from the perspective of no distance inverse to the square nor time of day, month or year. Your inner Self forever emanates a whole, complete, timeless, causeless Reality or Eternal Now that is boundless in love, bliss, and infinite joy, knowledge, vision and inspiration. It has access to everything that ever occurred and will occur.

I am wondering why not explore the Inner Reality, instead of the outer world like 99% of the world's population? The outer world to me is something more of a huge, huge inconvenient, hazardous and unwanted distraction from my inner YOU-niverse of infinite joy, love, excitement and ecstasy! Trying to satisfy the external senses seems to not only cost a great deal of time, money and preparation in the physical world (the "disappointing terrestrial world" as described by Sri Yuckteswar Giri in Autobiography of a Yogi), there are also obvious dangers and risks of external (physical) traveling! Yet within one's Self, is the entire universe, infinite love, mastery over birth and death, along with all time and space available behind closed eyes without any expensive plane tickets nor troublesome car rentals and hotel arrangements! The only problem, of course, is the time and knowledge needed to fully develop this most beautiful and long lost faculty of the human spirit derived from the Great Oneness within. I think many people do indeed have the time available for astral travel, only thing missing is the essential knowledge, freely provided to all at my websites!