The Gordian Knot

The Gordian Knot can be created from a Torus tube which appears like an inner tube or a circle that revolves around in a larger circle in constant motion.

This configuration involves many mathematical equations and formulas. Cosmologists considered using this shape as a possible three-dimensional model of the macrocosm.

The Torus tube design is used extensively throughout sacred geometry. Sacred geometry and geometric formulas were used throughout history to illustrate the oneness of consciousness behind all creation. Within its beginning phases of growth, even the human embryo consists of a Torus construction.

How Alexander the Great “Untied” the Gordian Knot

There is a legend regarding how Alexander the Great attempted to untie the knot. The knot was created by Gordias in the shrine of Zeus in the citadel of Gordian. An oracle predicted that the person who unties the coil would reign as king over Asia.

Alexander felt he must either undo this coil or he would not become King of Asia. Therefore in 333 BC, Alexander became absolutely determined to undo it, and when he could find no end to the knot, spliced it all the way through with his sword until it gave way. This method was humorously declared the “Alexandrian solution.”

The Concept of Oneness and the Gordian Knot

As stated in the Old Testament, in the beginning there was a great void. Without rendition or forms of objects, this void is assumed to be the Creator. A characterization of distance and orientation is required for there to be a consistent and natural creation.

The interior, exterior and boundless surface of the Torus tube presents the required characterization of distance and orientation. This configuration can be used as an abstract model of the cosmic hologram.

The Gordian knot exists as the most basic of all Torus knots. Within the Gordian knot can be seen the idea of the great Oneness (Unity) in relation to the Trinity of creation, or the three basic aspects or properties of reality.

The term “echad” means “one” in Hebrew, and the word “ahava” means “love” in Hebrew. Together, these words create a numerological value of thirteen (13). The number thirteen (13) includes the One and the Three.

The Gordian Knot Pendant

After carrying around the Gordian Knot pendant all day, various individuals stated they dreamt the following night they could find solutions to nearly impossible relationship difficulties and other karmic situations. This effect of problem solving can be explained by the way that the pendant portrays the perfect binding of three loops (or three opposing aspects) into one.

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