The Star of David

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In Hebrew, “Star of David” is “Magen David.” The Hebrew, “Magen David” translates to “Shield of David” because it was widely thought that the much loved King David of Israel had this symbol visible on all his shields, and used this symbol in the battlefield for protection.

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This possibility may have been true, however no Jewish artifacts or written material document this claim.

This design goes back to early Israel during the reign of the Roman Empire, however it has only become fully identified as a symbol of Judaism in more recent periods.

During the 17th century, more and more synagogues started displaying the Star of David on the outside of their temples to designate themselves as Jewish places of devotion. It has been forgotten why this particular design was used for this purpose. In modern times, this symbol is a widely used insignia for the Jewish culture. The “Magan David Adom” symbolized by a red “Star of David” is a nationally recognized first aid and disaster relief organization (the Israeli “Red Cross”). And, of course, the “Star of David” can also be found on the Israeli flag.

The Star of David and the Kabbalah

The “Star of David” contains two overlapping triangles, one pointing upwards and one pointing downwards symbolizing in the Kabbalah, the various opposing forces, such as good and evil, spiritual and physical; and considered by many cultures from the earliest times to represent the union or harmony of the male and female sexuality.

The upward triangle represents the higher aspirations and noble accomplishments flowing toward heaven while the downward triangle represents the descending of blessings from heaven into our physical world. It is also known as the “Creator’s Star.” The center of the star represents the Sabbath, while each day of the week is represented by the six points.

The Invincible Six-Pointed Star Used by King David

During King David’s reign, “David” in ancient Hebrew was spelled using three letters “Dalet”, “Vav” and “Dalet.” “Dalet” in archaic Hebrew is a triangle and “Vav” stands for “six.” The six-pointed star was therefore used by the king to sign his name. Because this star points in six different angles (up, down, north, east, south west), and represents the reign of God over the entire creation, it was considered to protect one from all of these directions. King David may have placed this design on all his shields as a symbol of security in battle.

The Merkaba and the Star of David

The pranic flow of the meridians creates an egg-shaped aura of bioplasmic energy encompassing the body. This field is a complex shape with many aspects, often changing in colors depending on which emotions, thoughts and state of health one is having.

There are also countless electromagnetic fields with exact geometries culminating toward three fields with the exact same dimensions all combined into a star tetrahedron or a three-dimensional “Star of David.” Two of the three tetrahedron emanations can be rotated in opposite directions with a timeless yogic pranic breathing exercise which can help one develop or create the light body, which is a seventeen (17) meter wide pranic field.

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Sacred Geometry… the Design of Creation

Sacred geometry illustrates the unity of life in our world like no other field of study can. The sacred geometry symbol, Flower of Life, for instance, adorned churches, cathedrals, temples and pyramids for centuries with its amazing beauty, while bridging all manner of religions, cultures and times. There seems to be something deeply natural, spiritual and aesthetically pleasing about the Flower of Life, for example. From both a mystical and analytical direction of approach, the concepts of sacred geometry have always been quite fascinating. This subject is ancient, vast and versatile. Nearly all classic artwork and architecture is based on it. Sacred geometry can be either taught for scientific reasons or enjoyed for its mystical and spiritual enrichment.

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