The Flower of Life – Sacred Geometry Part 2

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Radiating the Most Spirtual Geometry Pattern Throughout the Universe: The Flower of Life is a sacred symbol found within all major faiths of the world and even in the first vibratory patterns of the universe itself.

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In the archaic Egyptian Temple of Abydos, where most monotheistic faiths have their roots, the Flower of Life can be seen there. In Israel, the Flower of Life has also been found within the archaic synagogues of Mesada and of Galilee.

The components of the Flower of Life may even be found in the very first impressions of energy from the “Great Void” during the first stages of creation. All things materialize from the perfectly organized quantum energy patterns of the Supreme Being; all matter, all creation is the emanation of God.

The Flower of Life, forever radiating a pattern of profound elegance and meaningful beauty, is considered to be the most sacred of all geometry symbols.

The Construction of the Flower of life

Several stages occurred in the creation of the Flower of Life, one of which was the Seed of Life (See the original article about the Seed of Life), which through the same kind of “vortex movement” became the Egg of Life (see figure 8 in the diagram featured in the original Flower of Life article).

In three (3) dimensions, it looks similar to figure 4. Because all the lengths between the spheres are the same as the lengths between the notes and half notes in the application of music, this design provides the foundation of all melodies.

The configuration of the third stage of cell division in the embryo is that of the Egg of Life. Each time a cell divides, it becomes two cells, which then divide into four, and then eight, etc. until a complete human organism emerges along with all the energy patterns, chakras, and spiritual bodies such as the Merkaba. When more and more spheres are added, one arrives at the design exhibited in figure 8a. This configuration is known as the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life Contains a Secret Symbol

Within the Flower of Life, one can discover a secret design by selecting thirteen (13) spheres from the Flower of Life as illustrated in figure 8b. By drawing out these thirteen (13) circles, one finds the origin of everything, this sacred geometric symbol is known as the Fruit of Life. These thirteen (13) circles provide thirteen (13) systems of knowledge with each one illuminating a different facet of existence.

All information regarding the human being to the island universes throughout the cosmos is available through these systems.

In the first system, for example, it’s possible to create any molecular structure and any living cellular structure that exists in the universe. Any thriving cellular organism or molecular configuration in existence, for instance, could be constructed using information from the first system. In other words, all thriving beings.

Finding the Platonic Solids inside the Flower of Life

One arrives at the configuration seen in figure 8c, when one connects all the centers of the 13 spheres with a line. This shape is the Metatron Cube which contains the five Platonic solids. The five Platonic solids and all that can be constructed from them are the basis of all the designs in existence, such as the cellular patterns of all living organisms.

By sketching the “Flower of Life” without some of its external spheres and inscribing two spheres around the inner spheres one arrives at a design resembling the internal and external sheafs of the ovum encompassing the embryonic cells.

The Flower of Life During the Reign of King Akhenaton

In Ancient Egypt, during the time of King Akhenaton (the Eighteenth Dynasty), the unique attributes of the Flower of Life were given out as lessons to others. Akhenaton created three branches of mysticism:

The Right Eye of Horus: Related to the left or “male” hemisphere of the cerebral cortex, which regulates reasoning, mathematics, distance determination, and the comprehension of geometric shapes and solids. The goal of this branch of mysticism was to show that Spirit lives within all things and can be found anywhere.

The Left Eye of Horus: Related to the right or “female” hemisphere of the cerebral cortex which regulates emotion and sensitivity.

The Middle Eye of Horus: Related to the experience of life itself. The goal of the three branches (schools) of learning was to emphasize the experience of the oneness of God within all things everywhere.

The ancient Egyptians exhibited advanced knowledge regarding the subject of dimensions. They also had a very serious and extensive understanding of the “fourth dimension” or the life beyond the physical. They actually used to visit the afterlife dimension through the astral projection of their spirits while their bodies remained in a cataleptic state within some of the chambers inside the Great Pyramids.

The natural abilty to connect with the afterlife dimension, which came from the advanced Atlantean culture, was lost during the obliteration of Atlantis. The final destruction of the civilization of Atlantis occurred when a comet hit the North American continent over 12900 years ago, resulting in the mass extinction of many species of mammals, and a melt-down of vast ice-caps and glaciers resulting in the sinking of the continent (or island?) of Atlantis which was already quite low (and perhaps surrounded by levies) to begin with.

Unfortunately, this huge loss resulted in the creation of a world much more physically oriented and bound to the satisfaction of the physical senses instead of spiritual realization. This great separation from the experience of our soul’s true nature lead to the long reign of “good-evil” duality and materialism.

King Akhenaton, who may have been a messenger of the ascended masters, reawakened in his people, the ideals of monotheism which had been long lost to the distant past of the Atlantean culture. In the time of this pharaoh, they considered all the Egyptian gods simply as aspects of the one true God or the “Neter Neteru” beyond all phenomena and that which can be comprehended.

Their mythology became symbolic of the transformation of spiritual states and psychic realms and their religion taught the harmony and simplicity of oneness and monotheism. When King Akhenaton passed away, he left a heritage that became the origin of all the contemporary monotheistic beliefs.

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Sacred Geometry… the Design of Creation

Sacred geometry illustrates the unity of life in our world like no other field of study can. The sacred geometry symbol, Flower of Life, for instance, adorned churches, cathedrals, temples and pyramids for centuries with its amazing beauty, while bridging all manner of religions, cultures and times. There seems to be something deeply natural, spiritual and aesthetically pleasing about the Flower of Life, for example. From both a mystical and analytical direction of approach, the concepts of sacred geometry have always been quite fascinating. This subject is ancient, vast and versatile. Nearly all classic artwork and architecture is based on it. Sacred geometry can be either taught for scientific reasons or enjoyed for its mystical and spiritual enrichment.

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