Ka – The Life Force of the Human Being

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The ancient Egyptian “Ka” is the idea of the soul or essence of life that abides within the living human being and is absent in the dead person. This energy is the life force essence or soul of the person that animates the human body.

When the ka completely vacates the physical form, death is the result. The Egyptians knew that nourishment and fluids sustained the ka.

As a result of this idea, offerings of food and drink were presented to the dead. The ka is the essence of the individual said to live on in the afterlife.

The KA Bracelet

Certain aspects of the Emerald Tablets and the traditions of Ancient Egypt are included in the KA Bracelet.

The KA Bracelet contains the lotus flower, representing the cycle of birth and death by virtue of the fact that the lotus flower stays on the top of the water during the day while it goes beneath the surface of the water under the sheath of darkness from dusk to dawn.

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Sacred Geometry… the Design of Creation

Sacred geometry illustrates the unity of life in our world like no other field of study can. The sacred geometry symbol, Flower of Life, for instance, adorned churches, cathedrals, temples and pyramids for centuries with its amazing beauty, while bridging all manner of religions, cultures and times. There seems to be something deeply natural, spiritual and aesthetically pleasing about the Flower of Life, for example. From both a mystical and analytical direction of approach, the concepts of sacred geometry have always been quite fascinating. This subject is ancient, vast and versatile. Nearly all classic artwork and architecture is based on it. Sacred geometry can be either taught for scientific reasons or enjoyed for its mystical and spiritual enrichment.

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