Hamsa – The Symmetrical Hand

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Jewish and Muslim individuals possessed the Hamsa (a hand shaped amulet also known as Khamsa) for invulnerability. The name, “Hamsa” means “five” and has a Semitic origin.

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The shape of the Hamsa, usually shaped like a symmetrical hand with thumbs on both sides, is not anatomically correct. Even though the Jewish and Muslim cultures use it broadly, its beginnings pre-dates both cultures, and is accredited to the Phoenician moon goddess Tanit, who was idolized as the patron deity of Carthage.

Hamsa in Islam

In Islam, “The Palm of Fatima” is also recognized as the Hamsa. Numerous supernatural occurrences such as causing rain showers were attributed to Fatima who was the Prophet Mohammad’s only daughter.

There is a story that states when Fatima’s husband Ali came into the house with a new wife he had just married, Fatima was busy stirring a pot. Muslim men can marry as many as 4 wives.

Fatima was so struck by grief and sorrow that she let the ladle slip from her hand and continued stirring with her own palm without noticing the pain from the boiling water. Her palm has long since become a sacred symbol for patience and acceptance. The Five Pillars or tenets of Islam is also said to be symbolized by the Hamsa.

Hamsa in Judaism

In Judaism, the Hamsa is connected to the five books of the Torah. The Hamsa is also known as “The Hand of Miriam” after the sister of Moses and Aaron and as “YAD HA’CHAMESH” (The hand of five).

Protection from Evil

The Hamsa can be found on the entrances of dwellings, in vehicles, on charm bracelets and chains and more. The Hamsa is widely used to ward off the evil eye. When fish, eyes, and the Star of David are positioned in the center of the Hamsa it is also commonly thought to help against the evil eye.

Many Hamsas were crafted in the color blue or more specifically light blue, with fixed gemstones in various shades of blue, because that color is also believed to be protective against the evil eye.

In the Jewish tradition, the Sh’ma Prayer, the Birkat HaBayit (Blessing for the Home), the Tefilat HaDerech (Traveler’s Prayer) and other prayers of a protective fashion often decorated the Hamsas.

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Sacred Geometry… the Design of Creation

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